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Native Gardens Inc.

Native Gardens Inc. - EmployeesNative Gardens Inc. - Facility Native Gardens Inc. is based in LOS ANGELES, CA and has been a vendor since January 26, 2009. offers 0 products from Native Gardens Inc..

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About Native Gardens Inc.

Native Gardens Inc. Los Angeles-based Native Gardens offers decadently delicious Chocolate Truffles The signature line is vegan however currently Native Gardens has new products that are non vegan, tasty and helthy as well. They are all gluten free and low calorie. Jill Bacchieri-Jones of PETA wrote "The truffles were incredible!!! Wow!...It's amazing that they're low sugar!" Rosana Santos, owner of, said "The chocolates are exquisite...they have a clean palate and very good taste". Melba Thorn, Founder, has an undying passion for natural foods. A vegetarian for the past 20 years and a family history of diabetes fueled her desire for yummy chocolate that is healthy, vegan, dairy free and diabetic friendly. The truffles are made in small batches using some of the finest organic ingredients. The distinctive brown box with ivory trim tied with a reversible brown/ivory satin ribbon conveys a sense of luxury that represents fine chocolate truffles. Native Gardens has been in business since 2004 and is pleased to be a part of the family.

Native Gardens Inc. is located at 117 BIMINI PLACE #216, LOS ANGELES, CA 90004 United States.

Local delivery is also available to the following cities:
SanDiego, CA  |  SantaBarbara, CA  |  SantaMonica, CA  |  BeverlyHills, CA  |  Malibu, CA


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