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2432 Sunnyhill Dr., Cincinnati, OH 45225 United States
My Momma's Kitchen is a home bakery located in Cincinnati, Ohio that offers healthy homemade cakes that contain no chemicals, artificial ingredients, or preservatives--just the way Momma would make it. Our cakes have a rich and bold flavor that cannot be found (or imitated) by even the best bakers. They are made using REAL ingredients - like pure cane sugar, strawberries, cocoa, vanilla beans, lemon, and so many more. We ship/deliver our cakes in cute little portable mason jars that allow you to take our cakes wherever you go and become mindful of your servings. Our sizes are perfect for wedding favors, party gifts, sampling and individual tastings! We even offer 3-layer 9" cakes!

All of our cakes are made fresh in small batches that are so healthful and tasty. We guarantee satisfaction with each and every bite.

❤ Momma's Lovely Feedback:
OMG, if I were Catholic I would have to go to confession. The "cake" was delicious. I have some left which I hid in the refrigerator. Thank you!— Terry

This is THE best chocolate cake I have ever tasted! I'm not typically a cake person- I rarely eat any sort of cake- I just don't like it. That said, I LOVED this chocolate cake! The cake is so moist and the frosting so rich and decadent. Everyone should really try Momma's cakes- you will not be disappointed! My cake arrived quickly, was very well packaged, and you can just tell the cake was made with lots of love. Many thanks!— Tracy 

Delicious!!! Probably one of the best chocolate cakes I have ever had!! So yummy and moist! Thank you!— Serri

This cake is just A-MAZING!! It was so well packaged with a little cool-pak. Momma kept in touch from point of sale to her shipping out to my home. Will buy again!!— Elvina 
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