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315 N. Verdugo Rd, Glendale, CA 91206 United States
Mignon Chocolate - Employees This family business was established in 1910 in Kharkov, Ukraine. It was established by Hovsep Ter-Poghossian Sr. in a modest middle class neighborhood. For the next 20 years, Hovsep Sr. successfully operated the bakery business. During the communist regime of Soviet Union, Hovsep Sr. was arrested and sent to Siberia as a prisoner for being a notable and successful businessman, who accumulated a great fortune by working hard.
During Hovsep Sr.'s absence, his family migrated to Tehran, Iran in the search of freedom and better life. Hovsep Sr. was released after 4 years of torture and joined the family in Tehran with few pennies in his pocket. In 1935, he borrowed money from friends and reestablished the bakery and confectory business in center of Iranian capital, Tehran. With his capitalistic views, the business grew and became a household name among the Armenian, Russian, Jewish, and Greek communities. In 1946, Hovsep Sr. passed away and left the business for the family to continue. The business continued its success, in 1962, youngest son, Rouben, took a business trip to Europe and purchased new chocolate manufacturing machineries.
This was a new chapter, which made Mignon what it is today. By early 1970's, Mignon was known among Iranians and all minorities as the "King of Chocolate" in Tehran. The success was enormous, which drew the Shah's (King of Iran) family for weekly trips to sweeten their lives. Due to growing demand in fine chocolate, in 2002 Mignon Chocolate expanded its operations in Southern California with efforts of 3rd generation of Terpoghossians, Anoush and Joe. Terpoghossian Family continues to create chocolates and confections to please the most discriminating tastes. Until today our chocolates are made with finest of all natural ingredients following 3 generations’ family recipes.
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Mignon Chocolate is based in Glendale, CA and has been a seller in our gift network since May, 2010. Chocolate.org offers 9 products from Mignon Chocolate.

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