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In 2008, Karolina was created with the vision of providing whimsical confections made with the finest quality ingredients and authentic technique. Having had the opportunity to be guided by master pastry chefs from around the world, the chefs who create Karolina macarons were inspired to bring the "Nouvelle Patisserie" to America. This form of pastry strives to create flavors that are refined and subtle yet excite the palate with their originality. The textures are light and delicate, with a gentle richness that is suprisingly satisfying. Karolina macarons are prepared in the traditional Parisian style, sandwiching two light cookies together with a flavored cream or marmalade. Each macaron is made by hand and skillfully baked to achieve the perfect blend of natural ingredients to produce an authentic French macaron. Karolina macarons are crafted to be lighter and more petit than the traditional macaron. The chewy and crunchy cookies surprise you with each bite. On small plantations, in secluded coastal valleys, the grassy plains and the foothills of the Andes, generations of Venezuelan farmers have developed the art of nurturing the finest varieties of criollo and trinitario cacao. For centuries experts have agreed on one basic truth: Venezuelan cacao is the most flavorful and aromatic in the world; and Karolina aquires only 100% Venezuelan cacao, fermented and sun dried, and processed using state-of-the-art technology. From this marriage of art and science are born unique chocolate couvertures that redefine world standards of excellence. An exceptional chocolate starts with the land, but it takes the art and science of man and a long journey from plantation to glistening factory to turn a humble heap of cacao beans into a luscious chocolate bar. Chocolate is made from the beans of a beautiful tropical plant with a suggestive name, Theobroma cacao.
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