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Marshmallow Mischief
2601 Blanding Ave., #C153, Alameda, CA 94501 United States
Our Story...

A girl’s gotta do what a girl’s gotta do, and back in 2009 that is exactly what Marshmallow Mischief creator Sarah Figueroa Berchild did.

After experiencing the passing of her brother, Sarah began to look at her life as not one filled with scheduled deadlines, but one that would be lived through her experiences.

Traveling around the world and seeing different cultures, tasting what they had to offer, learning what comfort food meant in various parts of the world fascinated her and not only fulfilled her own dreams, but also reconnected her with her brother. Their shared love of travel and of food inspired Sarah to come back home and get into their San Francisco-based kitchen.

By mixing the freshest, organic ingredients, local and internationally sourced exotic spices and brown rice into an already much loved marshmallow treat, she began to mix up blissful little bites for her friends and loved ones. She found that she could create a treat that spoke to everyone- from those who were watching their weight, to vegetarians, to organic healthy eaters, to Mom’s who wanted a sweet treat for their kids without all the preservatives- Sarah had hit the “sweet spot” when it came to the perfect bite.

-Marshmallow mischief is absolutely amazing. I don't even know where else I can get gourmet rice crispy treats... At 49 Seasonal flavours I am astounded st how they have revolutionized the way people think of such a traditional American treat as rice crispies.

-Yummy!!! LOVED THE TREATS!!! Thank you, it was a big hit!!!

-They were very thorough in their communication with me and they were just friendly and genuine too! No scripts and horrible robotic customer service automatons..... just cool people making cool treats.

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