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Marsatta - Chocolate Maker - EmployeesMarsatta - Chocolate Maker - Facility Marsatta - Chocolate Maker is based in Redondo Beach, CA and has been a vendor since July 30, 2010. offers 8 products from Marsatta - Chocolate Maker.


About Marsatta - Chocolate Maker

Marsatta - Chocolate Maker Marsatta Fancy Chocolates is an artisanal Chocolate Bean 2 Bar and confection company, specializing in elegant sweets infused with sophisticated ingredients. Even though he has been in business since 1994, Jeffray D. Gardner launched the new site for this Redondo Beach chocolate processing company one month ago concentrating on its popular chocolate bar line, truffles and its chocolate croissants and cakes. A new venture that has been quite the challenge is making some of his chocolate from the actual cocoa bean! From the cocoa bean Gardner can not only make chocolate but can also have the chocolate nibs available for sale in a limited supply. The strawberries dipped in chocolate are also a favorite for summer-time weddings and parties. The dark and milk chocolate bars are flavored with high quality ingredients, including caramel, roasted macadamia nuts, and of course it’s exquisite chocolate Marsatta is known for. Each individual chocolate piece created every day is lovingly handmade for that one instant when the flavor, texture and aroma explode in a moment of pure pleasure!

Gardner, both CEO and Head Chocolate Maker & Chocolatier, continues to develop and expand the collection, adding new products consistently. Today great chocolate and chocolates are made by only a handful of people and Gardner aims to be one of them right here in Redondo Beach, CA. In addition, Marsatta Fancy Chocolates supports the local community by participating in over a dozen events annually to promote business and goodwill within the South Bay and Los Angeles county. The success of the company has been a direct result of our ability to provide personal, customized service with prices geared more toward the higher end but with additional support through samplings and point of sale placement. This has created a very dedicated customer base. You will be very pleased!

Marsatta - Chocolate Maker is located at 612 Meyer Lane, UNIT 10, Redondo Beach, CA 90278 United States.

Local delivery is also available to the following cities:
LosAngeles, CA  |  SantaBarbara, CA  |  SanDiego, CA  |  NewportBeach, CA  |  Irvine, CA

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