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 RARE T:These one of a kind truffles are made with our 75% origin chocolate. The ganache chocolate is intense with an amazing taste!
 Marsatta Dark Thin:The most incredible tasting dark notes in chocolate!
 Marsatta Organic Mocha Bits:Exquisite Organic Dark Chocolate Mocha Bits flavored with classic Sumatra Coffee. Single Origin, Shade Grown, and Fair Trade.
You can distinctly taste three different and tongue tantalizing flavors as you consume the chocolate sections. Dark chocolate is really good for you and I am not aware of any chocolate bar that exceeds 89% Cocoa or any 70% + Cocoa product that tastes as good! I am going to try other Marsatta products to see if this great quality is the rule and not the exception. - Harold Redfield
 89 Supreme Dark Rare Plantation Bar:Bean 2 Bar - 89% Organic Cocoa Supreme Dark Rare Plantation Bar
This was a excellent surprise gift, delivery was prompt and the chocolate was wonderful. - NW
 Razzberry Truffle:These one of a kind chocolates are made with our 76% origin chocolate. The ganache chocolate is intense and tart with an amazing taste!
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 82 Super Ray Bar:The Marsatta Super Ray Bar is just that SUPER! Super is where Organic Greens meet up with quite possibly one of the best bean to bar chocolate bars around! Count 'em 71 fine certified organic ingredients infused in our 82% cacao bar, selected & balanced to support your good health!
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 Roasted Cacao Nibs: As chocolate makers we clean, roast, winnow and lightly crush the cacao beans. Their taste is nicely bittersweet, and they have the crunchy, toasty flavor of roasted nuts. Fans of dark chocolate will love these nibs, which are richer and more intense than the chocolate we make from them. Add to all sorts of baked goods and desserts:...
 5Piece Valentine Fruit Sampler:Are you craving maximum fruit flavor? We have your answer! These fruit infused ganaches are the REAL thing. Real fruit, real taste, real flavor.