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Lula's Chocolates
2 Harris Court, Suite B-6, Monterey, CA 93940 United States
Lula’s Chocolates, the new artisan chocolate company on the Monterey Peninsula in California, features hand-made creams, caramels, and nut clusters—all of which have the Central Coast locals in a serious sugar swoon. Lula’s also does ‘grab-and-go’s’—handmade toffee (number of converts growing daily); rocky road (think homemade, artisan marshmallows . . .); and wrapped caramels (famously addictive!).

Lula’s traditions began over sixty years ago, when owner and Chocolatier Scott Lund’s grandmother, Lula Lund, began making chocolates to sell to the locals in Salt Lake City, Utah, who quickly became devotees. Scott brings his grandmother’s artistry and his now well-focused chemist’s eye to his gourmet enterprise, which continues to create enthusiastic buzz and fiercely devoted fans. Even hardcore chocoholics will be enthralled.
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