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12 Leonidas Cafe Chocolaterie Products Found   About The Seller
The Leonidas Chocolate Jewelry box was an excellent gift. First you enjoy the smooth Belgium chocolates. A variety of flavors blend wonderfully with the chocolate. My personal favorite I think was the Cinnamon. It had a suttle cinnamon taste that wasn't over powering. The dark chocolate squares were just as smooth and tastey as the milk chocolate. In addition to all the delicious chocolate, the jewelry box that it comes in becomes just that a handy jewelry box where you can keep your things. I would and have recommended this product to anyone who loves fine chocolate. - Paul Moses
 Large Leonidas Chocolate Jewelry Box:Tan/Gold Silk Covered Jewelry Box with 30 fresh Leonidas Chocolates from Brussels
The chocolate is more than excellent. Reminded us of our trip to Belgium. Leonidas is one of our favorite brand of european chocolates. Will order fro these fols again. - Jim a.k.a. parisrunner
 One And Half Lb Ballotin Of Leonidas Chocolates:1 1/2 lb. of Fresh Belgium Chocolates from Leonidas in a Gold Ballotin
I loved the fact that I could order Leonida's chocolates online! The box was beautiful and the chocolates were wonderful. Everyone loved them! Perfect Christmas gifts. - Christine Ackerman
 Classic Leonidas Ballotin:Classic 1 lb. Leonidas praline mix in a gold ballotin
 Leonidas Chocolate Ballotin Tower:Leonidas Chocolate Ballotin Tower with the most popular classic pralines from Belgium, shipped fresh every week.
 Golden 4 Piece Gift Box:Golden gift box with 4 pieces of Leonidas Chocolate.
 Golden 9 Piece Gift Box:Golden gift box with 9 assorted Leonidas Chocolates.
 Golden 18 Piece Gift Box:Golden Box with a classic assortment of 18 Leonidas chocolates.
 Small Tan Jewelry Chocolate Box:Tan Silk Covered Jewelry Box with 12 or more fresh Leonidas Chocolates from Brussels
 Small Red Leonidas Jewelry Box:Red De Luxe Jewerly Box with 12 Pralines
 Large Leonidas Velvet Heart:Red deluxe velvet heart filled with Leonidas' most exquisite chocolates
 Golden 32 Piece Gift Box:Golden gift box with 32 pieces of Leonidas Chocolates.
 Orangette Box 3/4 Lb:3/4lb of dark chocolate covered candied orange peels.