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Le Monde de LaFosse Confections

Le Monde de LaFosse Confections is based in San Diego, CA and has been a vendor since September 24, 2010. offers 0 products from Le Monde de LaFosse Confections.

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About Le Monde de LaFosse Confections

Le Monde de LaFosse Confections Le Monde de LaFosse is a fine confections company specializing in quality gourmet treats for the sophisticated palate. We take pride in creating a variety of unique treats and gifts that are both delicious to eat, artistic and beautiful. Our small batch chocolates are made with premium Belgium chocolate, some of which are enhanced with top shelf spirits and liquors and decorated with cocoa nibs, herbs and edible precious metals. In addition to our chocolates, our handmade line of confections also includes fine French Macarons, our spectacular chocolate stones, a variety of unique toffees, our own signature matzo toffees, delectable fudges and more. All of which are created for your enjoyment.
Le Monde de LaFosse Confections is located in San Diego, California. Founded in 2009, Le Monde de LaFosse Confections not only sells retail, but also sells wholesale to retail establishments, resort hotels, corporations, caterers and special events coordinators. Le Monde de LaFosse has worked with many charitable organizations such as the Assistance League among others to give back to the community. The company is also available for chocolate pairing as well as customizing a chocolate for a particular palate from white chocolate rhubarb to dragon fruit pate de fruit, and/or custom designing chocolates for special occasions.
Head chef, Mark LaFosse, is truly a master in melding intense flavors into harmonious balance leaving the participant in the culinary experience both satisfied and longing for more. You’ll want to exhaust the entire celestial selections of confections Le Monde de LaFosse has to offer!

Le Monde de LaFosse Confections is located at 1286 University Avenue, Suite 713, San Diego, CA 92103 United States.


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