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7801 Clayton Rd, Saint Louis, MO 63117 United States
Lake Forest Confections - Employees Artisans with over 100 years of combined confectionery experience know how to create a one of a kind masterpiece in chocolate that is fit for a king...or queen.

Lake Forest Confections prides itself in handcrafting small batches of premium chocolates. They find the finest ingredients around the world and meticulously blend them 'the way they used to be.'

The recipes and expertise has been gathered over decades of travels throughout the world where classes in pulled sugar, gum paste, marzipan, la technique chocolate were studied, and apprenticed. But the ongoing education in the confectionery art continues daily, "we will never stop in our effort to make a better product."

Most of the recipes are straight forward, just a few ingredients, combined to create an extraordinary taste sensation. The Opera Cream is a an example. The ingredients, whipping cream, milk, sugar and vanilla. Put these into the hands of master candy maker and a voile', a decadent confection, other chocolates, are cooked in processes that take weeks. Whatever the favorite, Lake Forest hand crafts confections using time honored traditional methods, just the way you remember.

With all of the craftsmanship and artistry in each individual piece of chocolate it's unusual, for to see them packaged in just a plain white box. But that's the philosophy of Lake Forest. The quality is inside the box, not on the outside! Whether it be a gift of the finest Lake Forest Collection or a simple taste solid 70% cocoa chocolate, the Lake Forest taste is unparalleled.
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