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Best Seller
Absolutely THE BEST Chocolate I've ever eaten!!!!!!!! I've been addicted to this chocolate since I discovered their shop last summer, and I love sending it to my friends and family as gifts! Their flavor combination and packaging are so beautiful, one almost feels guilty eating them, but WOW- heaven in every bite! You can never go wrong with L'Artisan du Chocolat! - Joanne Horton
 Classic FRENCH Ballotin Half Pound Assorted:Assorted Chocolate Collection: Fresh and French by L'Artisan du Chocolat,
 CROCO Style Gift Box 72 Pieces:72 pieces of French, fresh, Hand made, no peservatives artisan chocolate.
 CROCO Style Gift Box 144 Pieces:Impressive Luxurious Very Large Faux Croc Box with a window for viewing 144 pieces of French, Fresh Handmade Artisan Chocolate. No preservative and understated sugar content.
Very high quality chocolate--smooth, silky, rich and creamy. A perfect balance of sweetness and bitterness. I finished the box in a day! - L.G.
 6 Pieces Classic French Truffles:Artisan Hand Made French Traditional Truffles rolled in cocoa powder
Bought this as a gift for my wonderful boss, and I was so excited to give them to her! They arrived right on time and the artistry was apparent from the moment the lid was lifted on the beautiful box. I have been fortunate to enjoy these delicious chocolates myself in the past, and can say with authority that these are a truly wonderful gift for anyone special. Highly recommend! :D - SUEBABY
 TRADITION COLLECTION 12 Pieces Box:The TRADITION COLLECTION boxes is a new addition to our Gift Box offer to give more value and a Traditional Quality look to your gift.
 TRADITION COLLECTION 24 Pieces Box:TRADITION COLLECTION Boxes are a NEW addition to our GIFT BOX offering. Filled with an assortment of our Award Winning chocolates and chosen by our chef at time of the order. French Fresh Artisan Hand made.
DELICIOUS. My ex boyfriend liked them so much that he ate most oft hem himself and I only got 2. (Note that he's my EX boyfriend...:) - Camille gamboa
 TRADITION COLLECTION 6 PIECES BOX:Assortment of six of our Best sellers !
 TRADITION ONE POUND BOX:This box contain approximatively 40 pieces of assorted chocolates.
 CROCO Style Chest Gift Box 36 Pieces:Assortment of 36 different chocolates. All hand made, no preservatives, and under stated sugar content.
 LAQUERED WOOD BOX 36 PIECES:SUPERBE ALL LAQUERED WOOD FRENCH BOX. Assortment of 36 Hand Made Chocolate in the French tradition with a contemporary design.
 LAQUERED WOOD BOX 16 PIECES:French luxurious laquered wood box. Assortment of our French ahnd made Artisan Chocolate.

 LAQUERED WOOD BOX 25 PIECES:Most Superbe and Elegant 2 tone wood laquered box filled with an assortment of 25 unique French Artisan Hand made Chocolates.