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Knipschildt Chocolatier
12 South Main Street, Norwalk, CT 06854 United States
Fritz Knipschildt, a native of Denmark, moved to the US in 1996 and founded Knipschildt Chocolatier in 1999 and cafe Chocopologie in 2005. His European background, the formal education as a Chef in Denmark along with his training in France and Spain, have blended with his American experiences to influence his chocolate and confections. Knipschildt Chocolatier aims to share with you a truly exquisite chocolate experience - entirely unique and original. Fritz Knipschildt, Maitre Chocolatier, makes no compromises; he applies the highest standards of excellence to each and every step of the chocolate and confection process. The end result is chocolates that look as beautiful as they taste. The founding principles of Knipschildt include: 
Handcrafted: Everything is artisan and made by hand.
All Natural: Only fresh products are used (heavy cream, butter, sugar, herbs, fruit etc.) Additionally, no additives or preservatives are allowed
High Quality: The highest quality ingredients deliver richer and deeper flavors.
Artistic Beauty: Provide an experience that stimulates the senses.
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