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1506 N. Sierra Bonita Ave., Los Angeles, CA 90046 United States
If you love chocolate, you've come to the right place. We make all-natural, handcrafted products that provide pure chocolate pleasure. Like smooth and decadent truffle fudge. Delicious caramel clusters. And irresistible salted chocolates that are truly exceptional. All products now made with non GMO tapioca syrup. Certified Kosher. Enjoy.

At John Kelly Chocolates, we have a special way of combining what you love most about truffles and fudge, creating something utterly unique - chocolate truffle fudge. Our proprietary recipe produces a creamy texture that literally melts in your mouth. And each piece is coated with a decadent layer of chocolate. Of course, it all starts with a high-quality Belgian chocolate - whether it be semi-sweet (53% cacao), dark (86%) or white.

Some of our most popular products are topped with sea salt, and the combination is surprisingly delicious. The savory salt enhances the sweet chocolate to create an altogether new - and amazing - flavor. Our salts include Sel Gris, harvested in France using traditional Celtic methods, Hawaiian Alaea sea salt containing purified clay, and solar-evaporated Mediterranean sea salt from Italy.

All of our products are certified Kosher.
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