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1657 Hewatt Rd SW, Lilburn, GA 30047 United States
Heavenly Fruits Inc

Heavenly Fruits Inc. has been in the business of bring quality chocolate and the finest packaging to its customers for the last 18 years. Atlanta, Georgia based, we ship all over the USA. We serve the individual gift giver as well as the corporate gift giver. Our products range primarily for each season of the year, but have a variety of novelty products. We also specialize in custom work, because of the vast availability of molds to us. Always feel free to inquire about a design that is out of the ordinary for you party or event.

Heavenly Fruits takes great pride in its packaging. For the most part we specialize in solid chocolate that is foil rapped. If you are looking for a stunning presentation with great color, try us out!! I know you will be satisfied. One year the NASFT in New York for its Summer Show had a hand out postcard for its advertisement. It was a large bowl of Heavenly Fruits Inc. fruits. It had the apples, oranges, pears, peaches, plums, strawberries, and bananas along with the grape clusters. It was great. What a Holiday or any event centerpiece that would make.

Our customer support and quality handling of the chocolate arriving to you in perfect condition has been outstanding. We thank you in advance and look forward to serving you.

Rick Gadoua
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Heavenly Fruits Inc. is based in Lilburn, GA and has been a seller in our gift network since April, 2010. Chocolate.org offers 83 products from Heavenly Fruits Inc..

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