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104 Alexander Street, Yonkers, NY 10701 United States
Greyston Bakery - Employees Nestled on the banks of the Hudson River in Yonkers, NY, Greyston Bakery is best know for being the brownie supplier to Ben & Jerry's®. You can find our delicious ice cream inclusions in pints of Chocolate Fudge Brownie™ ice cream. Also a nationally recognized social enterprise, we've been baking up gourmet brownies and good will since 1982.

Great Desserts
Scratch-baked using only the finest ingredients available, Do-Goodie Brownies are truly a treat for your tummy. Baked by Greyston Bakery’s resident Brownie Artisans with 100% All Natural ingredients and Real Belgian Chocolate, our desserts will do more than just satisfy your sweet tooth: they’ll Feed Your Conscience™.

Great People
What makes a company great? At the core of Greyston Bakery’s double bottom line is a commitment to the people of Yonkers, NY. Providing members of the local community with the opportunity to earn real wages regardless of work history makes for a unique culture that we are incredibly proud of. Put simply, we don’t hire people to bake brownies; we bake brownies to hire people.

Great Deeds
Employing more than 65 community residents through our open hiring policy, we provide our employees a real opportunity for economic stability through training, fair wages, and benefits. Furthermore, our profits support the Greyston Foundation’s community development works, which include affordable housing, childcare, health services, job training and community gardens.
Greyston Bakery - Facility Greyston Bakery is based in Yonkers, NY and has been a seller in our gift network since September, 2010. offers 4 products from Greyston Bakery.

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