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342 Pearl Street, Malden, MA 02148 United States
Geoff and Drew's - Employees Featured in Gourmet Magazine, Family Circle, The NY Times, Modern Bride, and The Today Show.

Geoff & Drew's offers a wide selection of hip, classic gift boxes, bountiful baskets overflowing with our award winning bakery treats. Perfect for any and every corporate and personal gift giving occasion including: Customer Appreciation, Birthdays, Get Well Gifts, Baby Gifts, Holiday Gifts, Mother’s Day and more!! Geoff & Drew's is recognized nationwide by major media and food critics alike for having the finest cookies and brownies in the United States. We guarantee it!
Geoff and Drew's - Facility Geoff and Drew's is based in Malden, MA and has been a seller in our gift network since September, 2008. offers 25 products from Geoff and Drew's.

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