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FunkyChunky, Inc.
7452 West 78th Street, Edina, MN 55439 United States
Taste! Indulge! Enjoy! Taste the difference, you’ll immediately notice the freshness in our products that sets us above the rest.
Why? Because quality is at the foundation of everything we do. All of our gourmet snacks are artisan-crafted from premium ingredients – real butter, whole glazed nuts, crunchy popcorn and pretzels, all in small batches. Delivered at the peak of freshness, these ultra-decadent gourmet confections taste as mouth-watering good as they look.

Indulge clients, family, friends and yourself in the richness of FunkyChunky. For any occasion and celebration – office parties, family gatherings, birthday parties - there is a size and assortment perfect for everyone’s taste. Your clients, family and friends will appreciate you indulging them with sophisticated gifts which are perfect for any holiday or occasion. Each flavor is as delicious as it is memorable, which is why FunkyChunky is called the “ultimate chocolate indulgence.”

Enjoy knowing that we put love and care into every batch of FunkyChunky. This attention to detail extends from when your order is placed, crafted, and shipped. You have high standards and we guarantee to exceed them with our service, quality and commitment. You'll also enjoy the big "thank you's" from clients, friends and family that you are sure to get from every gift of FunkyChunky.
Gift Box FunkyChunky, Inc. is based in Edina, MN and has been a seller in our gift network since June, 2009. offers 17 products from FunkyChunky, Inc..

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