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1101 OverLook Lane, Carver, MN 55315 United States
With a love for chocolate and my mother’s know-how for baking, Elli Brownies was created. An Elegant Bag wraps around the decadent brownies . Since 2004 our company in Minnesota has know grown into Elli Brownies. After tasting and designing I am very excited to share with you the perfect gift, Elli Brownies.Elli Brownies are handmade from scratch with only the freshest and finest ingredients. Elli Brownies come individually wrapped in cellophane to ensure freshness and are adorned in a Bag and wrapped with ribbon and a card.Our 6 Flavors are Fudge, Sea Salt Caramel,Raspberry,Cream Cheese, Classic Fudge,and Peanut Butter.
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