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4904 Alpinis Dr., Suite 112, Raleigh, NC 27616 United States
Elemental Chocolate - Employees Elemental chocolate is dark chocolate covered cocoa bean centers. Picked by hand. Roasted by hand. Crafted by hand. Just for U!

What's E about U?

The company was founded by entrepreneur, Paul Mosca in Raleigh, NC, a region known for fine and creative cuisine. It is also where Paul began his chocolate journey 12 years ago, after a good friend brought back home an abundance of cocoa beans coming from a trip to South America. Paul’s curious mind led him to dabble with these seeds and make discoveries with one of the world’s most luscious and vivid foods. After finding this new interest and love, Paul has become a self-taught chocolatier while also creating a new device and process for these delicacies. He created a process and machine to shell the cocoa beans and kept them intact. By doing so, it provides the perfect ratio between chocolate and the roasted cocoa bean for a superior and fine chocolate flavor. Paul continues to add new creations to his plate experimenting with many other exotic flavors.

Elemental Chocolate does not use GMO ingredients to make chocolate. The company sources direct from coops and purchases certified organic cocoa beans. We are committed to sustainable business practices that help conserve the rainforest and let farmers make more than a living wage.

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Durham, NC  |  Cary, NC  |  Greensboro, NC  |  Charlotte, NC  |  Raleigh, NC
Elemental Chocolate is based in Raleigh, NC and has been a seller in our gift network since April, 2009. Chocolate.org offers 4 products from Elemental Chocolate.

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