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Droga Confections
453 South Spring St., Suite 731, Los Angeles, CA 90013 United States
Our founder, Michelle Crochet, is addicted to chocolate thanks to her mother’s Rocky Road recipe. Michelle describes the perfect treat, a blend of traditional ingredients like melted chocolate and fluffy marshmallows with a dash of inspiration - salted roasted peanuts in the place of conventional walnuts.  That Rocky Road became the muse for Michelle’s sweet journey and the creation of Droga Chocolates. 

Droga continues to create confections that surprise and surpass expectations.  In a nutshell, Droga reimagines traditional confections using all natural, premium ingredients.  Many of them have a unique flavor twist or a delicate nip of sea salt. 

Droga focuses on what matters - all natural ingredients, delicious taste, and fun packaging.  So, when you’re in the mood to indulge, Droga offers the perfect combination of flavor and fun.  All you need is a friend to share it with because it’s addictive.  Trust us, we should know.
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