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Dilettante Chocolates, Inc.

Dilettante Chocolates, Inc. - EmployeesDilettante Chocolates, Inc. - Facility Dilettante Chocolates, Inc. is based in Kent, WA and has been a vendor since June 25, 2009. offers 159 products from Dilettante Chocolates, Inc..


About Dilettante Chocolates, Inc.

Dilettante Chocolates, Inc. Dana Davenport founded Dilettante Chocolates in 1976. The story of the company, however, goes back over a century. Dana’s grand-uncle, Julius Franzen (his grandmother’s brother), was apprenticed to a confectioner in Budapest as a very young boy. His studies lead him to Vienna, and Paris. Among the many accomplishments of his European career, he considered his greatest achievement was his service to the Imperial Court of Emperor Franz Josef I, Emperor of Austria, King of Hungary. Uncle Julius immigrated to America in 1910, and established several successful confectionary companies, beginning in Portland, Oregon and eventually settling in San Francisco, California. His sister married Dana’s grandfather, Earl Remington Davenport. Grandpa was captivated by chocolate, and learned the art of working with this wonderful confection from Uncle Julius. These two men spent their entire lives devoted to developing the craft of chocolate-making. They maintained extensive notebooks, with recipes, commentary, and even poetry to their wives! These notebooks were kept in the family, and when Dana began studying cooking his father and he sat together and studied these notebooks to work through hundreds of recipes in order to establish the wonderful chocolates that were developed for Dilettante Chocolates. Dilettante Chocolates thus embodies a tradition of chocolate making that goes back to the late Nineteenth Century.

Dilettante Chocolates, Inc. is located at 22027 68th Ave S., Bldg #4, Kent, WA 98032 United States.

Local delivery is also available to the following cities:
Portland, OR  |  Seattle, WA  |  Olympia, WA  |  Vancouver, WA  |  Tacoma, WA

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