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Delice Chocolatier Selection

Delice Chocolatier Selection - EmployeesDelice Chocolatier Selection - Facility Delice Chocolatier Selection is based in Arlington, TX and has been a vendor since April 14, 2008. offers 0 products from Delice Chocolatier Selection.

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About Delice Chocolatier Selection

Delice Chocolatier Selection Delice Chocolatier Selection
Luxury Artisan French Chocolate

Our pure and strong chocolates are hand made by a selected group of French artisans following old family traditions. Our raw materials are chosen with the finest attention to detail, to guarantee the excellence of our products. Each chocolate is made with high quality ingredients, without artificial preservatives, and with up to 73% of the world’s finest cacao. Discover new sensations, through the authentic hand-made French chocolate flavor.

We carry fine artisan chocolates and candies that are hand-made in France by award winning master chocolatiers.

French chocolate is know worldwide for it quality. It is a luxury and pure chocolate, with a high percentage of cacao. Delicate designs and small portions make them “Un petit tresor- a little treasure”. French chocolate is like a fine wine, it is consumed to mark special events such as birthdays, anniversaries, weddings, etc.

Our master chocolatiers have the experience of three generations crafting luxury chocolates.They have received among others the following awards:

In 2000, Salon du Chocolat in Paris: Best confectionery chocolates.
In 2000 and 2002, award Cordon Bleu intersuc for Le Caribe, le Tas de sel and le Carats.
In 2005, Guide National du cacao: The best regional chocolatier.

We invite you to discover new sensations, through an authentic flavor.

Delice Chocolatier Selection is located at 2834 Forestwood Dr, Arlington, TX 76006 United States.


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