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These truffles are truffles in the full extent of the word.  They are not "bon bons" mislabeled as truffles.  They look, taste, and feel the part.  The chocolate is an excellent bittersweet variety, with truffle consistency, and with powdered chocolate on the outside.  The presentation was impressive as well.  The chocolates were packed in an elegant box and wrapped in a bow.  I would highly recommend these chocolates and intend to buy more in the future. - Dennis P. Connors
 Bittersweet Truffles:Hand-rolled rustic bittersweet truffles.
In my book, dark chocolate and peanut butter are an unbeatable combination. Reese's just doesn't do it for me. When I tasted these and found the creamy, not grainy and not too sweet peanut butter encased in smooth dark chocolate (hiding a somewhat thicker bottom of the bonbon), I was in heaven. It has taken severe concern about my waistline to make them last more than one sitting! - S Robert Lehr
 Peanut Butter Bonbons:Peanut butter bonbons made with creamy organic peanut butter.
It give me great pleasure to be able to send such quality truffles to my family and friends. I am grateful for your products and services. They rave about them. I live outside the U.S. in Mexico, and cannot always present gifts to my family when I wish to. With your aid, I am able to do something which pleases them. Gratefully, Gloria Simcha Ruben - Gloria Simcha Ruben
 Cognac Truffles:Hand-rolled rustic style Cognac truffles.
I loved these chocolates. Not only were they delicious and elegant, the flavors were rich, distinct and incredibly creative. I'm a chocoholic who travels a great deal and each place I go I search for the outstanding chocolate (in part as research for the chocolate party my dear friend hosts each year). The Coco Delice chocolates rate at the very top and are sure to be part of our chocolate party this year. - Camille Cellucci
 24 PC Assorted Gift Box: 24 pieces of our delicious chocolates. Similar to our 12-piece assortment, this box contains a combination of all of our chocolates including: Almond Praline, Citron, Coco, Coco Rum, Forais, Framboise, Hazelnut, Kaluha and Coffee, Jasmine and Green Tea, Lavender/Mead, Merlot, Mont Blanc, Pure Passion, Sonoma Port, Spicy Rouge, and Vert.
Stunning presentation. I purchased this gift box to use as a sample. We will be putting together thank you packages for 67 celebrities across the nation who participated in our Top Dogs and Their Pets book project ( We will be happy to include your exquisite chocolates in the package. Thank you! Ashley Ainley Pediment Books - Ashley Ainley
 6 PC Assorted Chocolate Gift Box:Six piece gift box sampler.
 Wedding Favor Chocolates:For your wedding favors, Coco Délice has endless packaging options. With boxes of all sizes and colors, you can create exclusive and memorable favors that will compliment the look and feel of your wedding. Price includes choice of box color, ribbon and chocolate flavors. Don't settle for boring pre-packaged favors.
My daughter-in-law loves chocolate...I mean she really loves chocolate. For her birthday week I gifted her a variety of chocolates and chocolate brandied cherries was one of her chocolate gifts. It turns out that my son absolutely loved the cherries. He said they were the best chocolate covered cherries he had ever eaten I had never heard him rave about any candy before...I thought he loved nuts. Good news! His birthday is this month and I am sending him these cherries. - Gloria Lane
 Chocolate Brandied Cherries:A decadent twist on a old favorite. Ours are made with a semi-sweet Belgian chocolate shell and filled with a white chocolate ganache, Kirsch liquor and a brandied cherry.
The chocolates are wonderfully packaged with a description of what each chocolate is. They all have very creamy centers/filling and the dark chocolate is especially pleasing to the taste buds and not bitter tasting. Will definitely order another assortment. - Vesta53
 Assorted Chocolate Gift Box 12pc:Twelve piece assorted chocolate gift box.
My husband and I had the pleasure of sampling these yummies while staying at The Carneros Inn in Napa Valley. A 2 piece box was on our bed every evening. Unfortunately, they didn't sell them at the Inn store, but I was fortunate enough to find them at Absolutely delicious is all I have to say about the combination of dark chocolate, caramel and sea salt. Melt in your mouth!!!  - Maria R. Sullivan
 Sea Salty Caramel Chocolates:Dark chocolate ganache infused with caramel and sea salt, wrapped in dark chocolate.
 Coco Chocolate Tower:When just one box of chocolate will not suffice. Our Coco Tower includes three boxes of chocolates: A 24-PC dark chocolate assortment, a 12-PC wine and spirits assortment, and a 6-PC salty caramel collection.
 Sour Cherry Almond Bark:Our almond bark is loaded with California grown dry roasted almonds, dried sour cherries and a hint of salt, all enveloped in premium dark chocolate. Gluten Free.
 Festive Peppermint Bark:Dark and white chocolate with peppermint candy and cocoa nibs

Pumpkin Spice Chocolates
Tasty holiday treat. Dark Chocolate is premium. Would rate a 5 is just a little bigger. - Don
 Pumpkin Spice Chocolates:White chocolate, pumpkin puree and spices surrounded by dark chocolate.
New Item
Peanut Butter Chocolate Bunnies
 Peanut Butter Chocolate Bunnies:Peanut Butter Filled Chocolate Bunnies
Caramelized Chocolate Covered Almonds
 Caramelized Chocolate Covered Almonds:Mouth watering caramelized almonds, coated in dark chocolate and cocoa powder.
Coco LOVE Cube
 Coco LOVE Cube:Our Coco Gift Cube includes: bittersweet truffles (2.7oz), dark chocolate caramelized almonds (4.5 oz), 6-piece assorted chocolates, 2 bittersweet chocolate discs w/ toasted cocoa nibs (1.6 oz).
Caramelized Chocolate Covered Hazelnuts
 Caramelized Chocolate Covered Hazelnuts:Caramelized hazelnuts coated in dark chocolate and cocoa powder.
Heart Collection
 Heart Collection:A collection of red and silver ganache filled hearts.