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Chocoveda truffles offers more than any other chocolate. They are the offspring of a magical union between one powerful healing system called Ayurveda and one lifelong passion for delicious chocolate.  

Julia Lungin, Founder, has a purpose in life - to inspire you to live to your highest potential of heath and happiness.

The Chakra Box: Chocoveda inspires you to indulge in sacred practices of love, meditation, and positive thinking, such that balance is achieved.  Each box includes a beautiful 20 page booklet that guides you to bring balance to the 7 energy centers of the body through 7 delicious truffle flavors - its a "chocolate experience" unlike any other.

The Goddess Box:  It's a 12 piece box of chocolates that comes with a 16 page meditation guide that inspires, entertains and connects women with their inner goddess.  Three sexy fruit flavors are WILD STRAWBERRY, GORGEOUS GUAVA, AND PINK GRAPEFRUIT.  

Chocoveda truffles are handmade from the finest, purest and simplest of organic and sustainable ingredients.  Each truffle is infused with an Ayurvedic herbal tonic and positive vibrations. These truffles contain no preservatives or any unnatural additives and are absolutely dairy free and vegan certified.

Our truffles do not have a long list of ingredients because we believe that simplicity is the key to life and simplicity is the key to our truffles.  Each of Chocoveda's core ingredients has a
multitude of health benefits. 

The inspiration for Chocoveda is influenced by the principles of the ancient Indian healing system, Ayurveda.  In essence, Ayurveda seeks to empower the individual to know oneself so that a balanced state of living can be achieved. Our natural state is one of health, happiness and other inner senses of peace. Chocoveda aspires to bring you to your natural state through these divinely delicious herbal chocolate truffles.

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