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 9pc Contempo Collection:Jewel-like artisan chocolates with a bouquet of fruit, nuts, liqueur and coffee flavors. What's inside: lavender honey, ginger, caramel, banana flambe, raspberry, almond gianduja, Champagne, Moka, pistachio, Earl Grey Tea.
Very nice and smooth - Diane Moyer
 9pc Shoes And Handbag Collection:Decadent dark chocolates decorated with shoes & handbags for the shopaholic chocoholic. Chocolates are packaged in our signature faux leather box and finished with a satin ribbon. Creamy mandarin, strawberry and ginger caramel.
 16pc Contempo Chocolates:Chocolatines' most popular collection provides the ultimate chocolate experience. With sensational bold flavors that evolve on the palate, this chic collection will leave you only to want more.
Delicious, perfect combo of white chocolate and coffee beans, two things my wife and I adore. - Mark Levine
 Coffee Bark:The aromatic flavor of crushed coffee beans mingles with the smooth creaminess of white chocolate.
The recipient loved them! Thanks - Jennifer Alexander
 Mini Lux Turtles:Mini Lux Turtles - pecans hugged with handmade caramel and dipped in dark decadent chocolate.
The taste and texture were great! - Frances haas
 Chocolately Candied Oranges:Candied whole orange slices hand-dipped in dark chocolate and packaged in a cello bag and finished with a ribbon. If you like sweetness with a little tang, these chocolate oranges are for you!
 Luxury Chocolate Almond Toffee:Crunchy. Yummy. Traditional toffee with California almonds kissed by luxury dark chocolate.
 Chocolate Coated Pretzels:Crunchy, salty, and chocolatey--the perfect combination for this confectionery delight! Crisp pretzels are coated in dark chocolate and packaged in a cello bag and finished with a ribbon.
Every piece unique and delicious. This gift was greatly appreciated. - Robert s perra
 16pc Classic Collection:Chocolatines' originality meets timeless French flavors in this elegant collection.
 Green Tea Sesame Bark 5oz:With Chocolatines' newest treat, now you can satisfy the chocoholic in you while reaping the health benefits of green tea. The sweet taste of rich white chocolate mingles with the savory bitterness of green tea powder. The aroma of roasted black sesame seeds gives it the perfect touch.
 Peppermint Bark 8 Oz:Rich dark chocolate infused with pure peppermint oil and layered with creamy white chocolate adorned with peppermint swirls. Packaged in our tin box to retain minty freshness and finished with a satin red ribbon.
 Nutty Cherry Mosaic:A colorful mosaic of roasted almonds, pistachios, and tart cherries on a thin sheet of 72% rich dark chocolate. A delectable Chocolatines creation for the fruit lovers and nut cravers!

Peppered Caramel Popcorn
 Peppered Caramel Popcorn:Air-popped popcorn is coated in a layer of black pepper-infused caramel, and rolled in 72% dark chocolate -- crunchy and sweet with a bite at the end!
Chocolate Coated Ginger Cookies
Nice package, great taste - Patrick monaghan
 Chocolate Coated Ginger Cookies:Chocolatines' thin and crispy ginger cookies are coated in a smooth layer of 72% dark chocolate. Crunchy and flavorful, these flower-shaped cookies are a satisfying delight!
Nutty Caramel Popcorn
 Nutty Caramel Popcorn:Handmade caramel with a touch of sea salt is poured onto freshly made popcorn and combined with roasted peanuts to create this crunchy, salty, and sweet blend. To make this treat even more perfect, it is drizzled with 72% dark chocolate to satisfy the chocoholic in you.
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White Chocolate Pretzel Rods
 White Chocolate Pretzel Rods:The classic combination of salty and sweet! Pretzel rods first plunged in and then drizzled with creamy Belgian white chocolate.
16pc Heart Collection
 16pc Heart Collection:The perfect gift for Valentine's, the 16pc Chocolate Heart Collection contains sensational flavors that are guaranteed to melt anyone's heart.
9pc Flower Bouquet
 9pc Flower Bouquet:Decadent dark chocolates with floral designs and in a rose mold - a fabulous gift for the flower-loving chocoholic.
Chocolate Marshmallows
 Chocolate Marshmallows:Handmade marshmallows with a hint of citrus flavor are dipped in dark chocolate and adorned with golden cocoa nibs. Fluffy and chocolatey, these bite-size treats will have you wanting more!
Pink Champagne Truffles On Valentine Heel
 Pink Champagne Truffles On Valentine Heel: Celebrate this Valentine's Day in style with Chocolatines' handcrafted white chocolate heel, handpainted with a red heart embellished with a red rhinestone and elegantly adorned with a red satin ribbon. This fashionable heel overflows with handmade pink champagne truffles dipped in rich dark and white chocolate. Each truffle is then...
Pink Drizzled Chocolate Pretzels
 Pink Drizzled Chocolate Pretzels:Crunchy, salty, and chocolatey--the perfect combination for this confectionery delight! Crisp pretzels are coated in dark chocolate and festively decorated with pink drizzles, making this the simply perfect treat for your sweetheart or even yourself this Valentine's Day! Packaged in a cello bag and finished with a ribbon.
Gold Flecked Pink Champagne Truffles
 Gold Flecked Pink Champagne Truffles:Delicate pink champagne merges with sultry dark chocolate to create this luxuriously seductive union for this Valentine's day. Chocolatines' decadent handmade truffles are each dipped in rich dark and white chocolate, and lavishly decorated with pink drizzles and extravagant flecks of 24 karat edible gold.
Halloween Party Bundle
 Halloween Party Bundle:This collection is scary good! Includes Fall Chocolate-Covered Pretzels, each coated with 72% dark chocolate and drizzled with orange; Skull Bark, a sheet of decadent dark chocolate; and Spider Web Bark, a smooth and harmonious creation of dark and white chocolate layers.
Spooky Skull Bark
 Spooky Skull Bark:Chocolatines' 72% dark chocolate bark haunted by cackling skulls. Are you brave enough to try this spooky treat for Halloween?

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