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Chocolates El Rey
1324 W Clay St., Houston, TX 77019 United States
Established in 1929, Chocolates El Rey produces an exceptional line of single-origin chocolate couvertures, made from 100% Venezuelan cacao. El Rey's gourmet couvertures are made from two distinct regions in Venezuela: (1) the Carenero, in the mountains east of Caracas and (2) the Rio Caribe region in north eastern Venezuela, along the Caribbean. The Carenero selctions, including Apamate Dark 73.5%, Gran Saman Dark 70%, Mijao Dark 61%, Bucare Dark 58.5%, Caoba Milk 41% and Icoa White. This line is composed of five all-purpose presentations, flavored with natural vanilla, and is complemented by our white chocolate made with only pure cacao butter. The flavor notes include fruit, flower, nut, spice and an intense choclolate taste. The Rio Caribe line includes Macuro Dark 70%, Caraco Dark 60.5% and Irapa Dark Milk 40.5%. These selections have high aroma, fruity-acid flavors, subtle earthy tones, with a long lasting cacao flavor. El Rey is used by top chefs, in bakeries, in restaurants, by chocolatiers, or at home. El Rey gourmet chocolate can be used to make cookies, cakes, pies, desserts, ice cream, chocolate drinks, hot cocoa, candy making, or simply enjoyed eaten out of hand. Premium El Rey is the Kiing of Chocolate.
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