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5025 Pattison Avenue, St. Louis, MO 63110 United States
Chocolate Chocolate Chocolate Company - Employees Chocolate Chocolate Chocolate Company is an award-winning chocolatier founded in St. Louis, Missouri. Prior to the opening in 1981, our founding chocolatier spent nearly a decade training with the finest chocolatiers in the world. His apprenticeship taught him the secrets of handcrafting premium chocolates in small batches. Some of the recipes used today were passed down from candy maker to candy maker dating back to 1904. The original candy kitchen is still in operation today at the headquarters in St. Louis, Missouri. The company has grown from one location to many retail stores, with the same time honored methods of old-fashioned candy making. Old-fashioned copper kettles still mix the creamy caramels, crèmes and truffle centers that are then cut by hand after sitting on a chilling table. Hand dipping and enrobing techniques are used on all of the candies by meticulous chocolatiers who inspect each piece of candy before it leaves the kitchen. Chocolates are often consumed the day they were made. There is nothing like a piece of chocolate the day it was made. In 2009, Chocolate Chocolate Chocolate Company relaunched the legendary Mavrakos chocolate brand after holding the recipe book passed down from the Mavrakos owners in 1984. Mavrakos was a true example of the art of handcrafting small batches of fresh chocolates. Chocolate Chocolate Chocolate Company has won numerous awards for Best Chocolate, Best St. Louis Chocolate Company, Best Chocolate Booth, Fastest Growing Franchise, and Best Selection of Chocolates. Our most important accomplishment, however, is the smile we see on all of our customers’ faces when they leave the store with their favorite assortment of chocolates. All of our chocolates come with “A Smile In Every Box®.”
Chocolate Chocolate Chocolate Company - Facility Chocolate Chocolate Chocolate Company is based in St. Louis, MO and has been a seller in our gift network since November, 2007. offers 50 products from Chocolate Chocolate Chocolate Company.

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