Cacao7 Low Carb Chocolates

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Cacao7 Low Carb Chocolates
461 Frelinghuysen Avenue, Newark, NJ 07114 United States
Cacao7 was created by and for people in need of fine-grade low carb dark chocolates.

We offer a Fine-Grade Low Carb Dark Chocolates that are 100% Natural, Low GI, Diabetic-Friendly, Gluten-Free, Soy-Free, and with absolutely no after-taste!

Cacao7 advocates a daily serving of 3 pods or 1oz of our 70% dark chocolates, to reap the mood-enhancing and heart-healthy benefits of this superfood.

At Cacao7, we’ve combined one of the world’s finest cacao bean, the Ecuadorian Arriba with the 100% natural low carb Whey Low® to create a delicious fine-grade low carb chocolate with absolutely no unpleasant after-taste.

Forget about metallic-tasting and overly-sweet confections that don’t quite taste like the real thing. We actually put our low carb chocolates up against gourmet chocolates using ordinary sugar.

But don’t take our word for it. Tasting is believing! Shop our chocolates here.

How do we lower the net carbohydrates of our chocolates?

1. We increase the percentage of cacao in our chocolates to a minimum of 70%.

2. We replace ordinary table sugar (sucrose) with 100% natural low GI/low carbohydrate Whey Low® Type D (clinically tested).

As a result, our 70% dark chocolates are 65% lower in effective (net) carbohydrates compared to chocolates with ordinary table sugar.

The effective carb of 3.5g is lower than the actual carb of 10g (total carb – fibre) due to the non-absorption of 75% of Whey Low® Type D (clinically tested).

Simply enjoy 3 pods of our chocolate every day! They are Superfood anytime!

-As a power breakfast or as dessert
-They make a great pick-me-up snack
-As a comfort food
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