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214 Main Street, #376, El Segundo, CA 90245 United States
ARTISAN COCOA, INC. - Employees The perfect recipe is a combination of the right ingredients, especially when it comes to
luscious chocolate caramel confections. The same can be said for the right couple. Emir Kiamilev
was born with a mind for business. Elena Kiamilev had an innate passion for the culinary arts.
Growing up on different continents but from similar cultures, their lives didn’t merge until 1992 –
and it was from this union that a distinct artisan company was formed and the unique “Amella”
cocoa butter caramels were born.
In 2007, with fresh inspiration and encouraged by Elena’s love for baking, the couple
enrolled in Ecole Chocolat’s Professional Chocolatier Program, where they learned the basics of
candy making. Then, it was off to Paris to visit the Valhrona Chocolate Factory, followed by
priceless lessons in artisan chocolates from Valhrona chef, Philippe Givre. Emir and Elena worked
tirelessly to create artisanal candies on their own. They became seduced by caramel, and it soon
became their focus. Each day was a new experiment with myriad ingredients that spawned
extraordinary confections shared with delighted friends and neighbors.
Elena, the creative half with her history of cake recipes, introduced amazing and unusual
flavor combinations – cocoa, creams, fruits, nuts, vegetables, and more. The magic moment hit
when Elena decided to try a new take on an old favorite - carrot cake… Her “secret” carrot cake
caramel recipe gave birth to the first Amella!

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