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Amber Lyn Chocolates
9075 South Sandy Parkway, Sandy, UT 84070 United States
Amber Lyn Chocolates is single minded in its dedication and passion for creating superior quality chocolate, both traditional and sugar free low carb chocolate confections. Our chocolate is made from finest cocoa beans grown in equatorial Africa and South America. Our select cacao beans are naturally aged, blended and roasted to perfection by highly skilled chocolatiers, thus allowing the distinctive and delicious aromas and flavor notes to fully blossom. Then, according to our rigorous standards, the ground and roasted beans are meticulously combined with other natural ingredients to make Amber Lyn world-renowned sugar free Belgian dark chocolate and no sugar added milk and white chocolate. We also make Cocoa Republic Chocolate, single origin chocolate that comes from the best cacao growers in South America. Our chocolate is then carefully transported to the red rock, blue sky country of Southern Utah where it is made into chocolate bars, chocolate truffles, chocolate covered almonds and a host of other healthy lifestyle chocolate delights.

In the crafting of our products, we use only the best natural flavors and essences money can buy and the finest nuts and inclusions available on the world markets. We use no artificial ingredients or substitute oils.

If you want all natural, great tasting sugar free chocolate that can be part of a carb-controlled, healthy lifestyle, then Amber Lyn Chocolate is for you. In fact, we guarantee it's the best sugar free chocolate you've every eaten.

If you're not concerned about controlling carbs but want the finest single origin chocolate in the world, try Cocoa Republic.
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