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Aequare's single origin chocolate is sourced from Ecuador's Los Rios province. Rooted with a deep sense of cultural history, cacao has been grown in this region for over two centuries. It is considered by connoisseurs to be among the finest and rarest in the world. The cacao is made into chocolate locally, then delicately hand-crafted in small batches into the finest chocolate products in Quito, Ecuador.

Redefining conventional production methods, whereby beans are exported to the US or Europe, transformed into chocolate, and then sold in bulk to chocolatiers, Aequare has direct relationships with the processor of the beans we use and the farmers who cultivate and harvest it. We are closely associated with the entire process from bean to final product in the country of origin.

Why is Ecuador's chocolate superior? Ecuador is the world's largest producer of fine grade cocoa. Of all the world's fine grade cocoa, Ecuador produces approximately half! We use only chocolate that comes from this higher quality cocoa, giving our products a unique flavor profile unequaled in your average chocolate confection or bar.

Aequare combines the highest quality ingredients, pure fruit purees, and artisanal techniques, creating exceptional single origin chocolates. Aequare Chocolates contain no artificial flavors or preservatives. For the finest single origin chocolate products, Aequare.
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