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8 Martin Avenue, South River, NJ 08882 United States
2 Chicks with Chocolate - Employees 2 Chicks with Chocolate is a NJ based award winning chocolatier – most recently Top 10 Chocolatier in America for 2009!
How We Hatched: What do you do when life hands you lemons? Well, if you’re 2 Chicks with Chocolate founder Elyissia Wassung’s mom, Barbara, you by-pass the lemonade thing entirely and go straight for the chocolate! When a disabling car accident left her unable to commute to work, Elyissia’s mom turned to making chocolate in her kitchen out of a crock-pot! At age 9, Elyissia would
load up her shopping cart and venture down her Queens, New York, blocks going door to door to sell all she could, until one day some neighborhood bullies stole her candy and her money... but ended up leaving a love for her mother and her passion for chocolate intact! 2 Chicks’ is known for their prized Wine Collection that was featured on the Today Show, as well as the decadent Fire & Ice Chocolate Martini Mix. They do not use any preservatives or additives in their product. All of their chocolate is made by real people, not machines. “People want unparalleled choice and so we became masters at customization!” says Wassung, the Chick-in-Charge for 2 Chicks with Chocolate. Give 2 Chicks’ a whirl – they have something for everyone!
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Hoboken, NJ  |  Philadelphia, PA  |  Allentown, PA  |  Stamford, CT  |  FloralPark, NY
2 Chicks with Chocolate is based in South River, NJ and has been a seller in our gift network since June, 2010. Chocolate.org offers 22 products from 2 Chicks with Chocolate.

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