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34 Chocolate Sauce Products Found
Perfect for dipping, pouring, and of course topping your ice cream!
 Ephemere Dark Chocolate Truffle Topping PACK Of 3 Jars:Made with the same recipe as our decadent dark chocolate truffles, this dessert topping is as gourmet as it gets. Rich, deep dark chocolate for cakes, ice cream, fruit and more.
 Mocha Milk Chocolate Truffle Topping PACK Of 3 Jars:Unite the bold flavor of coffee and the sweetness of milk chocolate with your favorite dessert. Dilettante's Mocha Truffle Topping makes a decadent finish for your favorite cheesecake, ice cream and more.
 Amaretto Dark Chocolate Truffle Topping PACK Of 3 Jars:The delicious nutty flavor of almond mingles with our signature Ephemere Dark Chocolate for a gourmet dessert topping you won't soon forget.
 Semisweet Ephemere Chocolate Sauce 22 oz Bottle PACK of 2:Rich chocolate fondue, decadent hot chocolate and the perfect mocha are just a few of the possibilities for this ultra rich chocolate sauce. Made from our special family recipe.
 Bittersweet Ephemere Chocolate Sauce 22 oz Bottle PACK of 2:A deep dark chocolate syrup made from Dilettante's signature Ephemere family recipe. Perfect for creating the most decadent mocha you've ever tasted.
 Rich Caramel Sauce Half Gallon Bulk Jug:Rich, velvety caramel with a hint of gourmet chocolate makes the perfect dessert topper. Drizzle this all natural sauce over cheesecake, ice cream, apples and more.
 Bittersweet Ephemere Chocolate Sauce Half Gallon Bulk Jug:A half gallon of Dilettante's darkest Chocolate Sauce. The perfect size for those who need plenty of dark chocolate syrup.
 Semisweet Ephemere Chocolate Sauce Half Gallon Bulk Jug:Not too sweet and not too bitter, this gourmet Chocolate Sauce comes in a handy half gallon size so you won't run out. Top ice cream sundaes, make delicious shakes and more.
 Rich Caramel Sauce 22 oz Bottle PACK of 2:All natural caramel sauce created with the chocolate lover in mind. A hint of Dilettante's premium Ephemere chocolate is added for a gourmet flair. Delicious over cheesecake.
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 Ephemere Chocolate Truffle Sauce 5lb Jug:Chocolates Ephemere Truffle Sauce - Make better chocolate beverages - Chocolate Martini Recipes, Mochas and Hot Chocolate

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