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Month 1
12 Piece Box Chocolate Dipped Salted Caramels
12 Piece Box Chocolate Dipped Salted Ca...
12 Piece Box Chocolate Dipped Salted Caramels: Her Coconess' Chocolate Dipped Pink Flake Caramels were awarded gold in the comfort confection category at the 2010 San Francisco International Chocolate Salon. We start by making a "dry" caramel, made from pure cane sugar, and cook it to a deep dark color to bring out the richest flavor. We then stir in warm sweet cream flavored with a whole Madagascar vanilla bean. The caramel then bubbles and boils until it reaches the perfect temperature, and just at the point, a touch of butter and Australian pink flake salt are added to round out the incredible caramel flavor. The hot caramel is poured into a special frame and allowed to cool. It's then cut into candy squares and hand-dipped in rich dark Belgium chocolate. A pinch of pink flake salt on top adds the finishing touch.
Month 2
Valrhona Classic Cake Style Brownies  1 Dozen
Valrhona Classic Cake Style Brownies 1...
Valrhona Classic Cake Style Brownies 1 Dozen: Made with our secret blend of Valrhona cocoa and chocolates, our original, signature Classic Cake-Style Brownie is the one you will crave time and again.
Month 3
Creek House 12 Pc White Chocolate Swan Truffles
Creek House 12 Pc White Chocolate Swan ...
Creek House 12 Pc White Chocolate Swan Truffles: These beautiful white chocolate swan truffles are filled with an extraordinary ganache made with milk chocolate, bittersweet chocolate, and fresh cream. Delightfully crisp on the outside and so creamy on the inside. Our white chocolate is of the highest quality and not overly sweet. These unique truffles make a wonderful and delicious gift anytime of the year. Our white chocolate contains no vegetable shortening, no powdered milk, no artificial ingredients, and no artificial colors. It's delightful flavor comes from cream, high quality cocoa butter, and other natural ingredients. Gift boxed in a beautiful ballotin (a classically shaped box for truffles) and dark brown double-sided satin ribbon.

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