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261 Chocolate Gift Baskets Found
When your friend or loved one opens up a chocolate gift basket from he/she will be filled with delight. One chocolate surprise after another - these are gifts that truly keep on giving. Our vendors provide baskets of varying prices and with varying contents: Chocolate bars, truffles, teas, cookies, and decorative gifts. If you have questions about any of our products, please contact us by following the "Help" link at the top of every page. Our chocolate shops ship from cities and small towns across the USA and Canada. So, we can offer local delivery to your recipient. A local delivery is usually more fresh and cost-effective than an item shipped across the country. Thank you for shopping at - the global chocolate network.
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 Mounds Of Chocolates:Mounds Of Chocolates Any Holiday, Anytime!
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 Sunflower Lollipop In Wheelbarrow Planter:This Wooden Wheelbarrow Planter is a keeper even after the chocolate is gone. Wheelbarrow measures 6.5 H x 10 W x 4.5 D. Our creamy chocolate sunflower lollipops are 1.4 ounces of goodness. An assortment of Milk and Vanilla Chocolate.
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 El Rey Sampler Gift Basket:Basket of every kind of El Rey chocolate
 Deluxe Mosaic Platter 13 Inch:2 lbs. of our Deluxe Truffles on a 13 inch round platter.
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 Easter Surprises Bunny Bucket:Perfect for your Easter egg hunt this year, our pastel perfection tin is a fresh and fun way to surprise your favorite bunny or chick.
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 Bar Mitzvah Chocolate Dipped Fortune Cookies:Assorted Chocolate Dipped and Decorated Fortune Cookies.  Choose Standard Bar Mitzvah Fortunes or Personalize your own Fortunes.
 The Ultimate Snack Gift Basket:Whether you're saying Thank You, get well soon or just miss you, you want to make a good impression. A simple greeting is made great when you send this natural woven basket filled with cookies, crackers, chocolates, sausage, cheese and more.
 Football Bouquet:This ceramic Football container can be used even after the party is all gone. For the Football Lover or a great gift for the teams coach. The bouquet has an arrangement of fourteen fun size chocolates. This bouquet is finished off with a large decorative bow. 
 Imperial Indesision 025:Village to sack? Which territory to annex? Crime or Punishment? War or Peace? The Czar's days were full of pressing Which decisions, so it is understandable that when he chose chocolate, he often decided not to decide. (Excellent decision Your Royal Highness).
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 Dried Fruit Extravaganza:Dried Fruits and Chocolate
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 Elegant Crystal Fruit Bowl:This huge and elegant crystal fruit bowl is filled with the best assortment of gourmet chocolates. It is a prefect gift for any occasion and intended for those who are beloved.
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 Antique Elegant Polyresin Fruit Bowl Filled With Chocolates:Huge, heavy, elegant, and antique-looking polyresin fruit bowl filled with assortment of gourmet chocolates makes a perfect gift for any occasion.

Chocolate By Numbers  3 Box Gift Set 38/55/72
 Chocolate By Numbers 3 Box Gift Set 38/55/72:38% dreamy milk chocolate, 55% smooth dark chocolate, and 72% intense dark chocolate all packed and ready to go in our sleek acetate boxes!
Kid's Easter Basket
 Kid's Easter Basket:Kid's Easter Chocolate Candy Basket
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Square Wooden Purim Basket
 Square Wooden Purim Basket:Square Wooden Purim Basket
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Rectangular Ceramic Tray Purim Basket
 Rectangular Ceramic Tray Purim Basket:Rectangular Ceramic Tray Purim Basket
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Lavish Round Plastic Tray Filled With Chocolates
 Lavish Round Plastic Tray Filled With Chocolates:Big round plastic tray filled with assortment of gourmet chocolates. A perfect gift for any occasion.
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Chocolate Dry Fruits And Nuts Potpourri
 Chocolate Dry Fruits And Nuts Potpourri:Gift basket filled with alternating layers of gourmet chocolates, dry fruits (dates, kiwi, and apples) and almonds. A perfect gift for any occasion.
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Bamboo Canoe Purim Basket
 Bamboo Canoe Purim Basket:Bamboo Canoe Purim Basket
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House Shaped Tray Filled With Chocolates
 House Shaped Tray Filled With Chocolates:House-shaped wooden tray filled with chocolates. A perfect gift for any occasion.
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Torah Scroll Gift Basket
 Torah Scroll Gift Basket:Flat metallic tray filled with chocolates and Viennese Crunch. Underneath the chocolates there is a mix of chocolate covered raisins and peanuts. Edible content is about 2.5 lb. Ribbon/bow may vary.
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Ceramic Plate Filled With Chocolates And Truffles
 Ceramic Plate Filled With Chocolates And Truffles:Two ceramic plates filled with gourmet chocolate and truffles. The color of ribbon may vary.
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An Edible Arrangement In A Vase
 An Edible Arrangement In A Vase:An Edible Arrangement In A Vase
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Basket Of Joy
 Basket Of Joy:This basket of joy will bring joy and happiness to whoever receives it. This perfect combination of delectable chocolates and dried fruit makes a perfect Tu'B Shivat and other Occasion gift at a very reasonable price.

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