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Chocolate Delivered To Corinne, UT and Nearby Areas

Elephant Indulgence
Elephant Indulgence - $45.00
Delivery To Tremonton, UT  -  Shipped From Los Angeles, CA
Time in Transit: 2 Days
Cost of Shipping: $10.00
Gift Note Included: Yes
Shipped on: Monday
Arrived on: Wednesday
Delivery: On-Time
Elephants are a symbol of wisdom and strength in Asian cultures and are famed for their memory and intelligence. Aristotle was believed to have said that the elephant was the beast which passed all others in wit and mind. In fact, the word elephant has its origins in the Greek language, meaning ivory or chocolate. Okay, maybe not chocolate, but the rest is true. That's why we decided to use this magnificent animal's likeness on our new 76% cacao chocolate.