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500 Chocolate Candy Products Found
 Stackable Box:This four layer, holiday specific gift box includes Chocolate Covered Pretzels and soft Caramels. Also included Caramel Corn which is sure to have you addicted after just one bite. This package wouldn't be complete without including our one of a kind Velvet Mints as well.
 Truffles By Weiser:Grab a cup of coffee, head out to the porch and enjoy!! The finest dark chocolate ganache', rich and creamy and hand dipped in the finest chocolate. This IS heaven on earth!!
The person that I bought these for absolutely LOVED them. She said that they tasted delicious, and were absolutely adorable. I would most definitely buy these as a gift again! - Candice Cain
 12 Chocolate Covered Lady Bug Oreo Cookies:Our adorable hand dipped and hand decorated chocolate covered lady bug cookies come individually wrapped. Great party favor. Oreo Cookies are a registered trademark of Nabisco Corp.
Really good, melt-in-your-mouth fudge. Super creamy! - Lisa Bandoni
 Fudge Chocolate With Nuts 1 Lb:Classic Chocolate Fudge with Walnuts.
these were absolutely delicious and came in beautiful packaging. so sad theyre gone! - Eee
 Milk Chocolate Covered Pretzels 10 Oz Box:Our sinfully rich milk chocolate covers every twist and turn of fresh-from-the-oven pretzels. Crunchy and salty on the inside, sweet and creamy on the outside.
I got 1 pound of dark chocolate fudge made Ruth's Toffee. This is a very superb, rich, smooth fudge that's very luscious and delicious!!! It melts very nicely in your mouth and is a great dessert after pizza. I bought this through a great deal at Deal Pulp and I'm very happy I did because I had no idea there were so many excellent chocolatiers out there. I think I'd like to try Ruth's Toffee, next time. - Leigh MacNolan-Dudenhoeffer
 Fudge Dark Chocolate 1 Pound:Creamy, rich dark chocolate fudge with walnuts.
 Love Bar:A small way to same I love you in a special way.
Item was received with joy and appreciation. - Victoria Kong
 Solid Flat Heart:A solid chocolate heart foiled for that extra special someone.
This chocolate has the smoothest richest chocolate taste that I have had the pleasure of savoring in my mouth in years. It is so creamy, you just have to let it melt in your mouth and all the delicious flavor comes through. This really should be called "Heavenly Chocolate". - Peggy A. Mayo
 Christmas Survival Chocolate:Party, party, party... The one and only official Bloomsberry confectionary to combat all the madness. You can count on your Christmas survival chocolate to get you through. All natural premium Bloomsberry dark chocolate 55% cocoa - 3.5oz (100g) bar - All natural, premium, certified kosher chocolate.
I would recommend this to all Chocolate lovers! - Antonia Ramondini
 Chocolate Walnut Fudge:Handmade rich, creamy fudge and walnuts make this mouthwatering fudge a favorite.
The order was fast and my Mom got them fast and ate them fast. She loved them, she can't have sugar and is hard for her to find chocolates that she likes w/o she has found them. Thank you! - Kim Christensen
 Sugar Free Chocolate Half Pound:Our same delicious chocolate - only sugar free!
A very good friend of mine sent this as a gift to me. When I got it, it was all wraped up tight in bubble wrap and placed in a large box filled with packaging peanuts. It looks amazing and the read bow realy makes it look even better. It also tastes increadbly good. - Ricky Sanders
 Valentine Key To My Heart:A perfect Valentine's Day gift! Two halves of a heart connected with a red chocolate key.

Easter Racecar Bunny
 Easter Racecar Bunny:VROOOOM! Race Car Bunny has just pulled in to Enjou and is waiting to take a ride home with you... He is solid chocolate and decorated beautifully. Car colors may vary
Menorah Lollies Pack Of Eight
 Menorah Lollies Pack Of Eight:This Menorah-shaped chocolate lollipop is a tasty reminder of the meaning of Chanukah. Perfect gift for the Jewish Holidays. (Pack of Eight)
Valentine's Day Heart Gift
 Valentine's Day Heart Gift:This Valentine's Day Heart Gift includes a delectable combination of assorted chocolates from 3 Sisters Chocolate, exclusively for Valentine's Day.
A Boutique Gift Bag Pecos Peanut Butter Bar
 A Boutique Gift Bag Pecos Peanut Butter Bar:Dark Chocolate filled with a Spicy blend of Organic Peanut Butter & Local Chili. One of our Hotter selections.
A Boutique Bark Bag Mountain Bark
 A Boutique Bark Bag Mountain Bark:Dark Chocolate with marinated Cherries, Coconut, Homemade English Toffee, White Chocolate bits & Toasted Almonds. A Classic conglomeration!
Valentine's Day Solid Dark Chocolate Breakup
 Valentine's Day Solid Dark Chocolate Breakup:Give her the gift of dark chocolate this Valentine's day. This gift includes 2 pounds of solid dark chocolate breakup from 3 Sisters Chocolate.
A Boutique Bark Bag Green Chili Pistachio Bark With Cranberry
 A Boutique Bark Bag Green Chili Pistachio Bark With Cranberry:Tart, Organic Cranberries are a cooling compliment to Crunchy Green Chili Roasted Pistachios smothered in Dark Chocolate. Medium Heat.
A Boutique Gift Bag Don Juan Pecan
I was introduced to this marvelous piece of chocolate by my gf. It's combination of Pecans, caramel, and dark chocolate is more than satisfying!  - Tg83
 A Boutique Gift Bag Don Juan Pecan:Our classic Soft & Buttery Caramel brimming with Pan Roasted Organic Pecans Hand Dipped in Dark Chocolate.
A Boutique Gift Bag Petite Pate Nuts And Berries
 A Boutique Gift Bag Petite Pate Nuts And Berries:Rich Pomegranate Ganache blended with Dark Chocolate, Organic Walnuts, Organic Figs Organic Cranberries, Organic Pepitas, Organic Pineapple & Organic Ginger all hand dipped in Dark Chocolate
Valentine's Day Solid White Chocolate Breakup
 Valentine's Day Solid White Chocolate Breakup:Give her the gift of solid White Chocolate this Valentine's day.
Valentine's Day Solid Milk Chocolate Breakup
 Valentine's Day Solid Milk Chocolate Breakup:Give her the gift of solid Milk Chocolate this Valentine's day.
A Boutique Gift Bag Petite Pate Raspberry
 A Boutique Gift Bag Petite Pate Raspberry:Decadent Organic Raspberry & Chocolate Ganache blended with our own Home made coulis & Hand Dipped in Dark Chocolate

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Milk Chocolate Pizza
Milk Chocolate Pizza $39.50
Milk Chocolate Pizza :Enjoy the great taste of Chocolate? Then you will love this unique pizza creation. A thin crust consisting of PMG pure milk chocolate combined with Crispy Rice Cereal forms the base. The base is then layered with our homemade butter caramel and chunks of Oreo Cookies, pretzel pieces, mini M&M's and topped off with pure milk and white chocolate. Simply use a pizza wheel to slice this tasty treat which will feed four people. TASTY and DELICIOUS
12 Piece Seasonal Assortment
12 Piece Seasonal Assortment $20.00
12 Piece Seasonal Assortment :A balanced seasonal selection of our ganache-filled chocolates and caramels; to satisfy any palate. Perfect gift for one to two people, or for yourself. Packaged in a black pinstripe box with burgandy ribbon and seasonal floral or berry spray. If you would like to make your own selection of chocolates, please call us and we will customize your box for you.
Favorite Easter Gift Basket
Favorite Easter Gift Basket $82.50
Favorite Easter Gift Basket :The bigger the better!  This Easter basket is full of Easter favorites for the whole gang. This charming yellow wood basket full of springtime delights is brought to you courtesy of the Easter Bunny.  Sitting happily on top of this delicious array of sweets, our plush spring rabbit is ready to hop into your heart. This delicious Easter treat is generously packed with something for everyone and includes a Cadbury caramel egg, a dark chocolate Peep, chocolate foil bunnies, Laffy Taffy, Easter Nerds, pastel bunny candy corn, a box of classic pink Peeps, milk chocolate foil Easter eggs, Four mini Easter sugar cookies, truffles, a Raspberry Ghirardelli bar and a beautifully decorated Easter egg sugar cookie!