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318 Chocolate Bars Found
Please browse our selection of chocolate bars. Our array of specialty vendors have helped us build a collection of bars that is unlike any other. You will find homemade bars, wrapped bars, dark chocolate bars. If there is any product that you wish to receive bulk pricing on, please submit an inquiry to our entire network of vendors at our bulk chocolate page.
Invigorating mint blended with rich dark chocolate for a refreshing experience.
Milky Way Candy Bar 36 Count Box
Twix Peanut Butter Cookie Bars (24 Count)
Almond Joy Candy Bar 36 Count Box
Boyer Butterscoth Smoothie Peanut Butter Cups Twenty Four 1.60 Ounce Packs
M & M's Peanut Butter Candies 24 Count Box
3 Single Origin Milk Chocolate bars with Chai Spices and Smoked Almonds
Single Origin Milk Chocolate bar with Flathead Cherries and Anise
Crunchy camelized cocoa nibs with 58% dark chocolate.
These are delicious! They are such a wonderful treat for myself and also a great gift for any occasion. Everyone I've shared them with has enjoyed them tremendously! - Rachel W.
We take each crunchy-sweet graham cracker and envelope it in a thick layer of our premium silky smooth milk chocolate. You'll want to hide these from the kids and keep them all to yourself.
Single Origin Milk Chocolate Bar with Cherries and Anise

3 Single Origin Dark Chocolate Bars With Coffee Beans
Single Origin Ecuadorian Dark Chocolate Bar with Coffee Beans
Sampler Set Of Single Origin Dark And Milk Chocolate Bars
All six Posh Chocolat single origin bars, made from superior varieties of single-origin cacao harvested in Ecuador.
New Item
Dark Chocolate Red Pepper Chunky Gourmet Bar
Our new Chunky Gourmet bars are sure to delight all of your senses. 7.16oz of rich dark chocolate with the surprising kick of red pepper flakes is sure to leave you wanting more. Packaged in clear box with silver or gold stretch band bow and Laketown Chocolates Label.
Birthday Wishes Chocolate Gift Basket
The chocolate basket is just awesome - Maggy
A colorful mix of fruit candy and chocolate bars
1 Lb Traditional Dark
Thick dark chocolate. Definitely gourmet. - DEE
The Best Silky Smooth Chocolates You will Ever Savor.
Combo Of Chai And Cherry Milk Chocolate Bars
Combo of our bestselling milk chocolate bars
3 Single Origin Ecuadorian Dark Chocolate Bar With Apricots
Single Origin Ecuadorian Dark Chocolate Bar with Dried Apricots and Pumpkin Seeds
Semisweet Baking Chocolate 12 oz Bag PACK of 3
Semisweet Chocolate Couverture from Dilettante is a dark chocolate for dipping, candy molding, chocolate fountains and more.
Rocalicious Heart
I loved the flavor, and the shape is just adorable. It was a great suprise to get in the mail from a loved one. - Emiley Peyton
Rocalicious english toffee is beautifully shaped into a heart. It is beautiful  way to say I love you,
New Item
Dark Chocolate Truffle Bar Crunchy Orange Cashew Vegan
Crunchy approach, creamy center, bright orange finish
Chai Hot Chocolate Mix With Chili And Apricot Bars
Chai Spiced Hot Chocolate Mix. Dark Chocolate Bar with Chili Spices. Dark Chocolate Mix with Apricot and Pumpkin Seeds.
Chai Hot Chocolate Mix With Chai And Cherry Chocolate Bars
Chai Spiced Hot Chocolate Mix. Milk Chocolate Bar with Chai Spices and Almonds. Milk Chocolate Bar with Dry Cherries and Anise

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