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392 Chocolate Bars Found
Please browse our selection of chocolate bars. Our array of specialty vendors have helped us build a collection of bars that is unlike any other. You will find homemade bars, wrapped bars, dark chocolate bars. If there is any product that you wish to receive bulk pricing on, please submit an inquiry to our entire network of vendors at our bulk chocolate page.
Personally, I love dark chocolate, so this is the perfect chocolate bar for me. I've had 48%, which is a bit sweet, and 80%, which is excellent, but doesn't satisfy if you want chocolate that is both dark yet still smooth and sweet. This 60% bar is excellent. I have already eaten half of one that I received this afternoon! - Ash
 Dark Chocolate Bar:Rich and dark, this bar is a new favorite for its brisk snap and cocoa forward flavor profile. The chocolate used in this bar is hand blended for a cacao content in the range of 59-62%. With just enough bitterness to keep it interesting our dark chocolate bar is hand cast to weigh an impressive 3.5oz.
 Emergency Dark Chocolate 4 Pack:Better x 4! The new doctor of craving relief. Doctor Dark. Book your 'choc' up today. 3.5oz (100g) bar All natural, premium, certified kosher chocolate. Dark Chocolate Cocoa 55%
I love a good homemade marshmallow and these did not disappoint! I wish I had ordered more of these because everyone loves them - Caitlin Ward
 Chocolate Marshmallow Bars:The Marshmallow is meticulously stirred by a candy chef with a wooden paddle, then whipped into frothy deliciousness. The mixture is then poured into our mold and allowed to set for 24 hours, hand-cut, and finally drenched in sinfully smooth, creamy milk or dark chocolate.
IF you didn't have EXcellent Chocolate - I wouldn't return so often. . . and your "service" is, also, Very Good. - Ben
 PMG Solid Milk And Dark Chocolate Break Up:Creamy PMG milk and dark chocolate breakup molded into little triangles. Your senses will spark with a symphony of excitement as the rich chocolate soothes your entire body with just one bite! PLease specify either milk or dark chocolate in your order
New Item
 5 Flavor Bar Collection:A collection of all Mignon Chocolate Bars: White Chocolate, Milk Chocolate, 58% Dark Chocolate, 70% Dark Chocolate, & No Sugar Added Dark Chocolate. Enjoy!
 Dark Chocolate Almond Nut Bark:Enjoy the perfect blend of rich, creamy chocolate and hand roasted nuts.
 Chocolate 100 Dollar Bill:Chocolate Money! Solid milk chocolate hundred-dollar bill ... worth every penny! 9 1/2" wide.
These were fun! - Robin Jones
 Zombie Chocolate Bars:Sink your fangs into a Zombie Bar from Sugar Plum Chocolates!.. These premium chocolate bars come in zombie green with crispies added for that extra crunch. Ghoulicious!
The product itself is incredible, fresh, and very rich. The packaging was very careful, thorough, and thoughtfully protected which allowed the chocolate to arrive in perfect condition. Amazing transaction. - Jessica Fenton
 Single 8 Oz Dark Chocolate Bar:Our single 8 oz. Dark Chocolate truffle fudge bar. Our Dark Chocolate is for people who love the bittersweet taste that only comes from a darker, richer chocolate. If you love dark chocolate (86% cacao), this bar is a revelation.
Beautiful gift presentation!  My items came in a well packed box.  Each treat was individually wrapped with a lovely golden label.  And on top of that, it was a delicious treat! - Kandice Zeman
 Chocolate Covered Rice Krispee Treats:Made with homemade marshmallows, then drenched in our scrumptiously smooth and creamy milk chocolate for a taste sensation beyond compare!
The chocolate came promptly and was in great condition. I loved the taste of the creamy milk chocolate. Will definitely buy it again!  - Harpreet
 Milk Chocolate Bar:Unusually crisp, with notes of caramel and hazelnut, this pure Milk chocolate bar has a high cacao content in the range of 35-39%. Hand blended and casted by chocolate artisans these bars weigh in at a hefty 3.5oz.
 Chocolate Pecan Tofffee Round:3 Sisters Chocolate Pecan Toffee is lovingly crafted the old fashioned way in small batches using a copper candy kettle and fresh creamery butter. The finished crisp buttery Toffee rounds are drenched in milk chocolate and generously coated in fresh roasted pecans while the chocolate is still warm to create a blend of delectable tastes and textures.

Premium Dark Semisweet Chocolate Bar 50g Each 6 Pack
 Premium Dark Semisweet Chocolate Bar 50g Each 6 Pack:Premium Dark Semisweet Chocolate Bar Dairy, Gluten, Nut Free, Egg Free
Emergency Halloween
Emergency chocolate is worth every penny, and makes a great gift. I sent one to a friend in need of a pick-me-up, and it made her smile all day. - -LB
 Emergency Halloween:Trick or Treat, smell my feet, give me some chocolate to eat. Emergency chocolate is great when having a "coffin break" and is known to be sued in Ghoulia Childs cooking ... don't be a scaredy cat. All natural, premium, certified kosher Milk chocolate cocoa 34%. 3.5oz (100g) bar.
couldnt be a better bar for valentines day - Jc
 Smooch:All natural, premium, certified kosher milk chocolate 34% cocoa. 3.5oz (100g) bar.
Hanukkah Nosh
 Hanukkah Nosh:Ahh Hanukkah. Eight nights of celebrations make room for eight nights of chocolate. Make sure it's Bloomsberry all natural kosher premium dark chocolate (55% cocoa) Does nosh get any better?
Mother's Day 10 Bar Variety Pack
 Mother's Day 10 Bar Variety Pack:10 designs that pay tribute to Mom! All natural, Kosher, Premium Dark Chocolate 55% Cocoa and Milk Chocolate 34% Cocoa. Each Bar is 3.5 oz
Piece Of Me
 Piece Of Me:Why does everyone want a piece of me? All Natural, Kosher, Premium Milk Chocolate 34% Cocoa 3.5 oz.
Relatively Speaking
 Relatively Speaking:Don't we just love Christmas day? Grandad is prying Grandma with port to keep her at bay, your little cousins are trying to sneak any hint of wine that exists in aunt Marg's glass. Oh yes it's Christmas day ... relatively speaking. All natural, premium, certified kosher milk chocolate. 3.5oz (100g) bar.
Madagascar 70 Percent Dark Chocolate Bar
This one was my favorite chocolate bar!!! Excellent. Just perfect! - Johanna Nicole
 Madagascar 70 Percent Dark Chocolate Bar: This premium dark chocolate has been made using artisanal methods to create an absolutely incredible chocolate. Crafted in small batches, to bring out the flavors of the naturally fruity Madagascar cocoa bean, this luxurious chocolate is one you will remember for some time for its incredible flavor. Beautifully packaged, our Madagascar...
Marital Bliss
 Marital Bliss:All natural, premium, certified kosher milk chocolate 34% cocoa. 3.5oz (100g) bar.
Broomstick Fuel
Excellent service! I got the delivery in a timely manner, and the wonderful chocolate arrived intact. Thanks so much for a job well done! - Jean Alexander
 Broomstick Fuel:Is your other car a broom? Have you been hanging around the neighborhood? Well Midnight Oil Broomstick Fuel will charge up the energy before you set out and hang with your "ghoul friends". It'll have you screaming "fangs for the chocolate". Happy haunting. 3.5oz (100g) bar All natural, premium, certified kosher dark chocolate. (Cocoa 55%)
No Evils
 No Evils:Bound to keep you out of trouble. All Natural, Kosher, Premium Milk Chocolate 34% Cocoa 3.5 oz.
Coconut Goji W/ Green Tea
 Coconut Goji W/ Green Tea:We are sooooooo excited to share this Bliss Bar with you. Developed in our family kitchen this soon became everyone's favorite. It was so different, so perfect. White chocolate in nature with the prana power of Green Tea.

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