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116 Caramel Products Found
If you love caramel, you will be crazy about these caramel gifts.
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 Sea Salt Caramels:Sea Salt Caramels
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 Caramel Pecan Dessert Truffles '4 Piece 8 Oz':If you like caramel, chocolate and pecans, you'll love our Caramel Pecan Dessert Truffles! 
These were my favorite from the assortment, so I ordered a whole box! Smooth milky chocolate w/a buttery caramel center... yum... - Shareen W.
 Caramel Truffle:The classic coupling of caramel and chocolate come together in our delicate Caramel Truffles.
These were a gift to my husband and I was fortunate enough that he shared one with me. They are mellow, smooth and mouth watering. It is difficult to eat one slowly, but well worth the effort. One can definitely taste the butter, these people do not skimp on quality ingredients. I will definitely be buying these again. - Susan Laird
 Milk Chocolate Butter Caramels 1 Lb:Classic item, yet one of our most popular. We start with our creamy butter caramel recipe from 1904, cut it into perfect squares then cover it with our premium chocolate.
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 Sea Salt Caramels 8 Piece:5.26 oz Clear box filled with 8 chocolate covered caramel triangles and sprinkled lightly with sea salt for the ultimate sweet meets salty experience! All caramels are made fresh in our confectionery kitchen. Includes 4 Milk and 4 Dark Chocolate caramels. Available with Gold stretch band. Available with or without Laketown Chocolates label.
 16 Piece Milk Chocolate Caramels:Soft to the tooth caramels coated in a tempered belgian milk chocolate.
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 Trio Of Salt And Maple And Chocolate Caramel:Delicious hand made caramel with products from Quebec, Canada like Maple Syrup, Flower of Salt and Chocolate Caramel.  You can choose one of each or three of the same flavors.
 Caramel Pecan Truffles:Georgia pecans swirled in silky caramel within a chocolate shell"it is the next great pecan treat.
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 Sea Salted Caramel Sauce:Our popular Cream Caramel Sauce, gently salted.
 Dark Chocolate Sea Salt Caramels:These Sea Salt Chocolate Caramels are one of the newest additions to the Enjou line and are becoming a complete hit. Delicious Caramel covered in Dark Chocolate and sprinkled with Sea Salt.
 16 Piece Murray River Sea Salt Chocolate Caramels:Soft to the tooth caramels coated in a tempered 60.5% dark chocolate and sprinkled with murray river sea salt.
This chocolate covered caramel popcorn was so fresh and tasty! Every bit of popcorn was evenly covered with chocolate. I was suprised how fresh it was as well. Usually when fodd is delivered over US Postal, it becomes tarnished in some way, but this tasted like we just bought it at a local chocolate shop. Thank you for the tasty treat! - Brooke Sebring
 Chocolate Covered Caramel Popcorn 2 Pack:Our Chocolate Covered Caramel Popcorn is the most addicting product we make. Freshly popped popcorn is drenched in our creamy caramel and baked to be fluffy, yet crisp. We then drizzle our fresh milk chocolate on top to make this a true chocoholics dream! - 2 PACK -

Milk Chocolate Butter Caramels 15 Piece
Just received the milk chocolate butter caramels and since it was a gift to my husband I was hoping he would offer me one. He did and it as scrumptious. His birthday is actually Monday but I doubt the candies will last that long. - Mary Deaville
 Milk Chocolate Butter Caramels 15 Piece:Our Butter Caramels have been an award-winning classic for over 25 years. This special 15 piece assortment is wrapped elegantly in GOLD to stand out as a premium confection.
Mini Lux Turtles
The recipient loved them! Thanks - Jennifer Alexander
 Mini Lux Turtles:Mini Lux Turtles - pecans hugged with handmade caramel and dipped in dark decadent chocolate.
Chocolate Fudge Sauce And Caramel Sauce
 Chocolate Fudge Sauce And Caramel Sauce:Chocolate fudge sauce--thick, rich, velvety and the Caramel sauce is deep, almost burnt but not quite, full bodied. This combo gift is fantastic for anyone who needs something to go to for a sweet fix.
Dark Chocolate Turtle Gourmet Single Bean 1/4 Pound
 Dark Chocolate Turtle Gourmet Single Bean 1/4 Pound:It is all about the chocolate. We temper and mold our rich dark chocolate (58.5 cacao) with pecans and creamy caramel in the shape of a real turtle. Turtles are sold in quarter pound increments.
New York City Checker Cab Caramel Crunch
bought one for us for traveling in the car and the other for a present - happy to have them both - Paula Poulos
 New York City Checker Cab Caramel Crunch:This product is made by taking only the best natural caramelized popcorn and drizzling it with the finest Belgian milk chocolate.
Caramel Dark And White Chocolate Gourmet Pretzel Rod
Wonderful dark chocolate with Caramel. Excellent chocolate---smooth and delicious. Great choice and remember dark chocolate is suppose to be healthy and we ALL want to be healthy! - Joan
 Caramel Dark And White Chocolate Gourmet Pretzel Rod:~ Enjoy the Dark Chocolate with White Chocolate drizzle and hand wrapped in Caramel Gourmet Pretzel Rod ~
Chocolate Caramel Apple
 Chocolate Caramel Apple:Try one of Enjou's delicious Chocolate Covered Caramel Apples! Hand-wrapped in Caramel, Double-dipped in our homemade chocolate!
Chocolate And Caramel Galapagos Turtle
These are amazing! They arrived broken, and I had my doubts--but they are so fresh and the combination of flavors of milk chocolate and maple and pecans--OMG! To die for! Will order again--and again! - Pat
 Chocolate And Caramel Galapagos Turtle:Chocolate Galapagos Turtles made with maple syrup, caramel, and toasted pecans.
Dark Sea Salt Caramel 1/4 Pound Gourmet Single Bean
 Dark Sea Salt Caramel 1/4 Pound Gourmet Single Bean:This is a bite size treat with huge flavor. Our Dark chocolate sea salted caramels Each caramel is dipped in 58.5% dark cacoa with a dash of coarse ground sea salt on top for perhaps the most sublime mix of sweet and salty known to man. Sold individually.
Cream Caramel Sauce 10 Oz
Best Caramel Sauce ever! Made homemade turtle brownie! Cannot wait to try on cheesecake. - Barbara
 Cream Caramel Sauce 10 Oz:Smooth and rich with whipping cream
Southern Sin Caramel Sauce 10 Oz
 Southern Sin Caramel Sauce 10 Oz:Rich cream caramel with crunchy pecans.
Caramel Dessert Sauce
 Caramel Dessert Sauce:A very creamy caramel sauce. Fantastic as any topper from ice cream to cakes.

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