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 Nicobella Truffle 6 Piece Lime Basil Truffle:The perfect blend of citrus and herbs, our lime basil dark chocolate truffle will give your spirit a lift this spring!
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 Nicobella Omega Munch 3 Pack:75% dark chocolate, candied walnut and toasted flax seed in our 2 oz recyclable bag
 24 Piece Seasonal Assortment: Dolce Bella's seasonal assortment will bring you a balance of white, milk, caramel and dark chocolate centers in beautiful hand-molded shells. The assortment is ever changing, with some of the ingredients coming from our own garden. Meyer lemon, mint, rosemary, lavender, and raspberry are examples of ingredients coming from our winter...
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 Orange Slices Covered In Dark Chocolate From France:Sweet orange slices of South of France covered on dark chocolate. 70% dark chocolate with all natural ingredients and without oils. Luxury gold satin ribbon.
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 Baby Carriage Chocolate Lollipop Gift:Its a Boy Ceramic Baby Carriage Music Planter. Filled with our rich and creamy milk and white chocolates. Music planter measures 7 x 3.75 x 3.5. Brahms Lullaby, turns on or off.
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 Speciality Of France 35 Confectionery Chocolates:Luxury Ballotin Box with 35 french chocolates - Assortment of all natural handmade chocolates ganaches and pralines. "Specialite de la France". Includes a beautiful satin ribbon.
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 French Gift Tin Box Caramel Milk Chocolates Cookies:Beautiful tin box with vintage design. Caramel milk chocolate squares that called neapolitans in France. Perfect companion for a cup of coffee. Exclusive gift with luxury silver satin ribbon!
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 Chocolate Fall Gift Arrangement:Adorable wheelbarrow planter is filled with our gourmet chocolate lollipop assortment. Rich milk, white and darks combined with raspberry, orange, keylime and peabutter flavors are great for the whole family. Combo shapes include maple leaf, apples, pears and sunflowers. Wheelbarrow is a keeper and measures 6.5 H X 10.75 W X 4.5 D.
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 Chocolate Sunflower Lollipop Favors:Yellow White Chocolate Sunflower Pedals with a Rich Milk Chocolate Center give any flower occasion a ray of light. Approx. 1.4 OZS, Approx size 2.75 inches in diameter. Individually wrapped and sealed in clear bag tied with green ribbon.
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 Nicobella Sampler 3 Pack Munch And 6 Piece Truffles:Each sampler contains our 6-piece variety box of truffles, blueberry almond, ginger green tea, pumpkin chai, pure cocoa bliss, walnut flaxseed, sunflower butter banana and our 3-pack munch, coco-nut munch, maple-nut munch, and omega munch.
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 French Praline Rochers Creamy Milk Chocolate W Hazelnut:Rochers- Fine artisan French chocolate praline in soft and creamy milk chocolate. Elegant gift box with luxury Christmas ribbon.
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 Dark Chocolate Bar With Hearts:Rich dark chocolate bar from France. All natural ingredients without oil or soy. Sugar hearts pink & white, a red satin ribbon is placed on the chocolate bar.

Wine Lover's Minis 9 Pack Gift Set
 Wine Lover's Minis 9 Pack Gift Set:Good things do come in small packages. We've proven that by taking our wildly popular Wine Lover's Collection and shrinking it down into 1.25 ounce boxes.
Wine Lover's  Gift Set 54/55/56
 Wine Lover's Gift Set 54/55/56:The Wine Lover's Chocolate Collection is a distinctive and elegant offering from the San Francisco Chocolate Factory. Drops of dark chocolate with increasingly rich cocoa intensities are packaged in three signature Wine Country tins.
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Assorted Chocolate Autumn Centerpiece
 Assorted Chocolate Autumn Centerpiece:Autumn Centerpiece is contains 40 Assorted lollipops. Gourmet flavors include Ghiradelli Dark Raspberry, Orange, and Dark in speialty shapes of maple leaves. Other gourmet flavors of in milk and white chocolates. Ready for anyones Fall get together. Shapes include sunflowers, maple leaf, mini apples and pears. Chocolate goes all way around.
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Rich Milk Coco For A True French Hot Chocolate
 Rich Milk Coco For A True French Hot Chocolate:Rich milk coco for a true "French" hot chocolate. Made in France by Monbana Chocolatier since 1934.
Three Bar Milk Set
 Three Bar Milk Set:All three of our milk chocolate bars are bundled together with a festive ribbon and hot stamped with our Jade Chocolates logo. Perfect for any milk chocolate enthusiast. This set contains: Genmai, Terracotta, and Orient Espresso.
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Kit Kat Bouquet
 Kit Kat Bouquet:Contains six large Kit Kat's and twenty-three fun size. This bouquet is finished off with a full bow.
Macadamia Trio Pack
The flavor for Macadamia Trio Pack is good. I like chocolate and macadia. It's delicious; however, I feel like the macadamia is not very fresh. The price is pretty expensive! - Hung ma
 Macadamia Trio Pack:Good things comes in three's.  Stock up on our popular Macadamias and Chocolate.
5 Piece Truffe Box With Dark Chocolate Bar With Coffee Beans
 5 Piece Truffe Box With Dark Chocolate Bar With Coffee Beans:5 Piece Truffle Box and Dark Chocolate Bar with Brazilian Coffee Beans
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Sunflower Lollipop In Wheelbarrow Planter
 Sunflower Lollipop In Wheelbarrow Planter:This Wooden Wheelbarrow Planter is a keeper even after the chocolate is gone. Wheelbarrow measures 6.5 H x 10 W x 4.5 D. Our creamy chocolate sunflower lollipops are 1.4 ounces of goodness. An assortment of Milk and Vanilla Chocolate.
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Motorcycle Boot Vase Gift
 Motorcycle Boot Vase Gift:This hand painted resin motorcycle boot is the perfect gift for the motocyle enthusiast. Filled with 12 assorted Milk, Dark and White chocolate motorcycle pops each weighing about 1.2 ounces. Vase is a real keeper after the chocolate is gone. Hand wash vase only. Vase measures 7.75H x 2.5W x 6.5D
Hot Chocolate Mix And 6 Assorted Single Origin Bars
 Hot Chocolate Mix And 6 Assorted Single Origin Bars:Hot Chocolate Mix and All six Posh Chocolat single origin bars, made from superior varieties of single-origin cacao harvested in Ecuador.
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Munch 3 Pack Omega CocoNut MapleNut Munch
 Munch 3 Pack Omega CocoNut MapleNut Munch:1 each: omega munch, coco-nut munch and maple-nut munch, each bag 2 oz

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