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500 Bulk Chocolate Products Found
El Rey 58 Percent Cacao Bucare Dark Chocolate Discos 11 Lb
20% off at QTY 4
Premium Venezuelan single origin chocolate discos from Chocolates El rey. 58.5% Bucare Dark Chocolate. ...
+ 2.00 handling

Dark Chocolate Boutique
 4 Reviews14% off at QTY 243 Sizes Avail  
Just the right size for a secret stash of rich, Dark Chocolate. This beautiful assortment features a variety of nuts, caramels, nougats and ganaches...
The chocolates arrived in perfect condition. They are not only absolutely yummy but gorgeous to look at as well! - J. Hall

El Rey 70 Percent Cacao Macuro Dark Chocolate Discos 11 Lb
12% off at QTY 4
Premium Venezuelan single origin chocolate discos from Chocolates El rey. 70% Rio Caribe Cacao Macuro Dark Chocolate. ...
+ 2.00 handling

ChocoMel Bites '8pc Milky ChocoHearts'
12% off at QTY 10
8 Hearts moulded in Milk chocolate. Gift wrapped in a shiny silver box with a ribbon around it and cute flower on top. Each heart is foil wrapped..

Personalized And Custom Chocolate Naturals
12% off at QTY 100
"It was a pleasure meeting you and thank you so much for the beautiful custom chocolates. I tried one right away -- it was so yummy, rich, and smooth."...

Amazonian Sacred Organic Raw Chocolate
 1 Review11% off at QTY 12
Amazonian Sacred Heart 1.44oz Perfect Golden Spiral Heart Chocolate is a cult classic. With approximately 22 powerful Amazonian herbs plus nuts...
+ 3.00 handling
They're great to eat, and great to give as "sacred" gifts. - G. Simon Harak

India Sunset Sacred Organic Raw Chocolate
 1 Review11% off at QTY 12
Allow your pallet to lead you on a journey through India. Sacred Organic INDIA SUNSET 1.44oz Perfect Golden Spiral Heart is CHAI CURRY RAPTURE...
+ 3.00 handling
This was my second Sacred Heart to experience, and it was no less of one than my first; when you look at the ingredients list, you have the idea that it will have a crunchy component, but, not so! The smoothness of the stone grinding process is at work, here; the result is an amazing creaminess which makes you wonder, just how did they do that? The curry and saffron notes spar with each other between bites, with little bitter points of the cacao nibs in between. You must try this to believe it, but take the time to savor and not just gobble. This is not for your daily chocolate consumption, but when you want to have a special moment! - Deliusfan

White Passion White Chocolate Sacred Organic Raw Chocolate
 1 Review11% off at QTY 12
Sacred Heart White Passion 1.44oz Perfect Golden Spiral Heart with subtle hint of lemon is truly a decadent dessert chocolate! The recipe is very...
+ 3.00 handling
For one that has never had a Sacred Heart before, the first experience is certainly revelatory. While this might not be for everyone's taste, as it's about the taste of the chocolate and not all about being sweet, the smoothness of the product is really something to behold. For white chocolate lovers, this is really something you need to experience at least once; the hint of lemon gives the slightest tang to the overall creaminess of texture. - Deliusfan

Mint Sacred Organic Chocolate
 1 Review11% off at QTY 12
Sacred Heart Mint 1.44oz Perfect Golden Spiral Heart is a very deep and broad chocolate which includes whole peppermint leaves and a very special...
+ 3.00 handling
Very smooth texture. Delicious! I will be trying the other flavors as well. - Wk

2 Piece Event Favor
11% off at QTY 50
Elegance defined; a brilliantly crafted linen embossed two piece favor box filled with our inspired artisan chocolates. ...

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The Global Chocolate Network is a network of shops offering product variety and local delivery. We feature chocolatiers and bakers that have a distinct creative touch. As a result, our product selection boasts a variety of ideas, ingredients, and styles. We offer popular items such as truffles, dark chocolate, and gift baskets. But we also offer unique items that will bring a delightful surprise to your loved one. We know that sending a gift requires several things: You need the right type of chocolate, packaged beautifully, to be delivered on a specific date with your gift message included. Our goal is to make this happen for you. Thank you for shopping with us.
Thank you for such great customer service! - Jenna McGrath from Poulsbo, WA