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500 Bulk Chocolate Products Found
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 Raspberry Hazelnut Dark White Chocolate Bar:Swirl of premium Belgian white chocolate and 72% dark chocolate
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 Manon White Chocolate Coffee Walnuts Chocolate Bar:My favorite, absolutely favorite white chocolate bar.
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 Chocolate Golf Ball Set:The perfect golf outing give-away or a great gift for golf lovers everywhere. 4.8oz box filled with 3 chocolate 3D golf balls.  Packaged in white box with window. Available with or without Laketown Chocolates label.
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 Chocolate Casino Kit:Up the ante with our gourmet chocolate! 1.44 oz Clear cello bag filled with 2 dark mint chocolate playing cards and 2 milk chocolate poker chips. Tied with ribbon color of your choice. Available with or without Laketown Chocolates label.
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 12 Pink Butterflies Designer Oreos:One Dozen Box of Wilbur Chocolate Covered Oreo Cookies, decorated with the Pink Butterflies design on Wilbur chocolate. The Oreos are dipped and boxed AFTER your order is placed. PLEASE INDICATE IN YOUR ORDER MESSAGE WHICH CHOCOLATE YOU PREFER. If you would like a gift card, please include this in your order message.
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 Peanut Butter Cups Dark Chocolate 9 Piece:4.56 oz Clear box filled with 9 dark chocolate peanut butter cups. Our home-made peanut butter cups are unlike any other! These rich and creamy treats come fresh from our confectionery kitchen. Includes gold stretch band. Available with or without Laketown Chocolates label.
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 Gift Box Orangettes French Orange Peel Dark Chocolate:"Les Orangettes" French orange peel covered on dark chocolate, pure cacao butter. The famous "Orangettes". The traditional chocolate for winter in France. Made in Normandy,France
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 Chocolate Beauty Box:Primp up with our beauty box! 3.04 oz Clear box filled with 1 chocolate hair dryer and 4 chocolate foil wrapped hair curlers. Tied with ribbon color of your choice. Available with or without Laketown Chocolates label.
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 Birch Logs 10 Piece:3.36 oz Cello bag filled with 10 white chocolate dipped short pretzel rods. Bag comes heat sealed to ensure quality and tied with a ribbon in the color of your choice. Our Birch Log pretzels are a classic treat that everyone loves! Available with or without Laketown Chocolates label.
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 FruBar Himalayan Seasalt:A great marriage of flavors, 56% dark chocolate and Himalayan Seasalt crystals. This bar makes a great pairing match with a Merlot.
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This was the first chocolate valentines gift I had given, and I was glad to learn it was very good.  The recipient loved every single piece, and he enjoyed trying out various flavors in this box.  The fact that it looked luxurious was a plus as well! - Rae
 Luxury French Chocolate Magnetic Gift Box: Exquisite international awards winners artisan French chocolates. Contains 15 pieces of delicious ganaches, pralines & truffles. Dark 73% cocoa, milk 54% cocoa and white. Flavors as Rose ganache dark chocolate, truffle dark chocolate, marron glace caramel milk chocolate, dark chocolate ganache covered on white chocolate salted butter,...
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The product arrived faster than I thought during the busy holiday season. We all loved every kernel. - Shari B
 Kron Korn:Our famous chocolate covered popcorn is hand mixed using the finest milk, dark and white chocolates. A great gift for a group, a family or to keep as you own private stash!

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Holiday Decorated Classic Collection
 Holiday Decorated Classic Collection:Hand-Decorated Christmas Box with cheerful Christmas toys and charms -Mignon Chocolate's signature presentation.
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Creek House 4 Pc Classic Truffle Collection 4 Boxes
Holy cow! So good! This was a surprise gift to me from a guest, and it totally made my day! They were all delicious... and I know because I didn't have the self-control to share with anyone! - Jenny Garone
 Creek House 4 Pc Classic Truffle Collection 4 Boxes: 4 boxes, each containing 4 classic chocolate truffles. Ganache fillings contain cream, butter, premium chocolate, and all-natural flavor infusions, no preservatives.   Classic White Swan; premium white chocolate shell with a very creamy bittersweet & milk chocolate center. Double Dark Raspberry; bittersweet chocolate shell with chocolate...
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Perugina Baci 28pc Gift Box
I love baci its delicious - Donatella Dent
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12 Belgian Milk Chocolate Covered Strawberries
Chocolate covered strawberries are my mother's favorite...she IS the connosieur! I sent them as a Mother's Day gift. She received them on the day I requested. She commented that they were "huge, plump, fresh and delicious. I didn't want to share them with anyone!". So I guess I can confidently say, via my mother's opinion, that they deserve an excellent rating. I'll have to try them myself someday! - Dee Bower
 12 Belgian Milk Chocolate Covered Strawberries:Simply delicious! Gorgeous, perfectly ripe strawberries dipped in the richest milk Belgian Chocolate then drizzled with thin chocolate ribbons. It’s a taste combination that positively explodes with sweet gorgeous goodness. Arrives in an elegant Chocolate Covered Company gift box perfect for giving.
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Dark Chocolate Chili And Cranberries
This chocolate is amazing. I think it may be the best chocolate I've ever had. The spicyness is intense in a really good way. I can't get enough of this. - Sabrina Eveland
 Dark Chocolate Chili And Cranberries:Dark Chocolate, Chili and Cranberries - Hot & Spicy - All Natural
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El Rey 70 Percent Cacao Macuro Dark Chocolate Discos 11 Lb
 El Rey 70 Percent Cacao Macuro Dark Chocolate Discos 11 Lb:Premium Venezuelan single origin chocolate discos from Chocolates El rey. 70% Rio Caribe Cacao Macuro Dark Chocolate. 
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Amazonian Sacred Organic Raw Chocolate
They're great to eat, and great to give as "sacred" gifts. - G. Simon Harak
 Amazonian Sacred Organic Raw Chocolate: Amazonian Sacred Heart 1.44oz Perfect Golden Spiral Heart Chocolate is a cult classic. With approximately 22 powerful Amazonian herbs plus nuts and berries from the heart of the Amazon jungle. Experience a 5 minute flavor expedition through the Amazon! Be sure to take small bites and just let it melt in your mouth! The Amazonian has a 52% Cacao...
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69 Percent TWILIGHT Organic Raw Chocolate
 69 Percent TWILIGHT Organic Raw Chocolate:Sacred Heart 1.44oz Perfect Golden Spiral Heart 69% Twilight has a complex nuance that is unlikely found in other raw chocolate bars! It includes the whole cacao bean with the skin/husk still attached for superior nutrition.
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Immuno Mushroom Sacred Organic Raw Chocolate
 Immuno Mushroom Sacred Organic Raw Chocolate:Sacred Heart Immuno Mushroom 1.44oz Perfect Golden Spiral Heart is imbibed with a multitude of medicinal mushrooms. This chocolate has a very woody and earthy flavor. 68% Cacao Content. Recently, this chocolate scored VERY HIGH on Dr. Gabriel Cousens' special energy test. This chocolate is bitter-sweet.
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Coco Nibby Sacred Organic Raw Chocolate
 Coco Nibby Sacred Organic Raw Chocolate:Sacred Organic Coco Nibby 1.44oz Perfect Golden Spiral Heart includes whole cacao nibs and coconut flakes. It is crunchy! It reminds one of the old Rocky Road, Almond Joy or Mounds chocolate candy bars of yesteryear. This chocolate is sweet & creamy. Coco Nibby has a 60% Cacao Content and includes the skin/husk of the cacao bean for superior nutrition!
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Dark Chocolate Bar
Personally, I love dark chocolate, so this is the perfect chocolate bar for me. I've had 48%, which is a bit sweet, and 80%, which is excellent, but doesn't satisfy if you want chocolate that is both dark yet still smooth and sweet. This 60% bar is excellent. I have already eaten half of one that I received this afternoon! - Ash
 Dark Chocolate Bar:Rich and dark, this bar is a new favorite for its brisk snap and cocoa forward flavor profile. The chocolate used in this bar is hand blended for a cacao content in the range of 59-62%. With just enough bitterness to keep it interesting our dark chocolate bar is hand cast to weigh an impressive 3.5oz.
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Creek House 10 Pc Candy Cane Truffle Collection
 Creek House 10 Pc Candy Cane Truffle Collection: Celebrate the holidays with this beautiful keepsake candy cane box filled with our luscious chocolate truffles. Classically made with cream, butter, premium chocolate, and all-natural flavors. Collection contains 10 pieces. 3 pieces each of: Dark Raspberry, and Milk Chocolate Rounds. 2 pieces each of: Dark Espresso, and Double Dark...

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