Posted Sunday, Oct 10

The Pleasures of Pumpkins

Nothing symbolizes the autumn season like pumpkins. Both of our major fall holidays, Halloween and Thanksgiving, prominently feature pumpkins. Pumpkins are so tied into our fall traditions that without them it would feel wrong.
Picture Halloween without Jack o’Lanterns. As children, we would walk from house to house, and each house would have a carved pumpkin outside to greet us. What enjoyment we would take carving our own pumpkins, cutting off the top, scooping out the seeds, designing faces, and finally lighting the candles to make them glow.
Imagine Thanksgiving without delicious pumpkin pie served for dessert. The smell of mom’s pumpkin pie cooking in the stove would draw us into the kitchen. We would wait excitedly for that first slice to be cut, and then we would top it off with whipped cream. We would savor that first forkful of pie—it was the taste of Thanksgiving.
The season wouldn’t be the same without pumpkins, and it is in the spirit of the season that we present our Pumpkin Truffles. We whip up a confection of pumpkin cream and encase the fluffy delight with our signature chocolate—it is the essence of autumn in one amazing dessert. Buy our Pumpkin Truffles to share with your family (or just to enjoy yourself) and taste the season in every bite.

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