Posted Tuesday, Nov 16

Sweet as Pie

Mmm…the smell of fresh-baked pecan pie fills the air. It’s the holiday season, and who doesn’t love the sweet taste of pecan pie for dessert? Nothing beats the taste of warm pecan pie in late fall and winter. That’s why pecan pie has become a delicious Thanksgiving and Christmas staple, and that’s why November is National Georgia Pecan Month.
People make and serve pecan pie in a number of different ways. Some people make it with whiskey. Some people top it with whipped cream. Some people pair it with chocolate.
At Sugar Plum, we distill pecan pie to its essence with our Caramel Pecan Truffles. Our truffles take the thick, sugary sweetness of caramel and couple it with the savory pecan. We then coat that mixture with our signature milk chocolate. Celebrate the season with a pecan pie in every bite of our Caramel Pecan Truffles.

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