Posted Sunday, Jan 16

Love and Chocolate

You look at each other.  You see the flickering candlelight reflected in her eyes.  She’s the love of your life.  She’s seen you through the bad and the good.  And now it is a special day to show your appreciation of her; it is Valentine’s Day.  You’ve enjoyed a romantic meal together.  You’ve exchanged gifts.  So how do you finish the perfect meal this evening?  Surprise her with a box of exquisitely crafted, handmade chocolates from Sugar Plum. Our “Love for Truffles” was made for you to show your love for a person who has stood by you through the years.  Our “Love for Truffles” collection is a 1 1/3 pound, 36-piece assortment of our fine selection of truffles, all of which we then place inside an elegant heart-shaped pink box.  Give her the gift of chocolate.  It is the perfect finish to the evening made to celebrate the perfect woman.
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