Posted Tuesday, Dec 7

A Holiday Miracle

Barbershop red and white striping and hook shape, candy canes are one of the most identifiable symbols of Christmas. No one knows why candy canes became tied to Christmas. Maybe it’s because they resemble a shepherd’s crook. Maybe the red symbolizes sacrifice and the white, purity. Whatever the reason, you see them in the stores around the holiday season. You find them dangling from Christmas trees. Candy Canes say Christmas. And so does Sugar Plum. That’s why we at Sugar Plum are proud to introduce our new Candy Cane Truffles. Our signature chocolate enrobes a whip of peppermint. Everyone knows chocolate and peppermint make the perfect pairing, and, with our finest chocolate, they are great for any holiday get-togethers. Put them out after-dinner as a fancy treat to go with coffee or just enjoy them anytime. One bite and you’ll taste Christmas.
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