Posted Monday, Dec 13

Lights for the Holidays

It’s nighttime, and your street is awash in blues, greens, reds, and purples. Glowing Santa is in his sleigh, Rudolph’s red nose shines brightly, houses are trimmed with lights—it’s Christmastime. Neighbors engage in friendly competition with neighbors for the best display. Families stroll down the lane with children in tow as the kids look excitedly from house to house.
This year, have the elegant displays outside your house be matched by an elegant display within your house with our Holiday Lights Tray. This festive tray comes with six chocolate-covered Graham crackers, four chocolate-drenched Oreos, six chocolate-dipped pretzels, eight chocolate dipped pretzel logs, and popcorn drizzled with both milk and dark chocolate.
To really capture the season, the tray is topped with a decorated chocolate Christmas tree pretzel log and four chocolate Christmas lights. Be the envy of the neighborhood with your own stylish and delicious Holiday Lights Tray.

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