Posted Wednesday, Mar 23

Ch'up, Ch'up and Away!

"Just one more bite...."  

Sound familiar?  Perhaps it's something you've found yourself saying as you sneak back into the cupboard for one more bite or handful of your favorite snack?  Well be prepared to make "Just one more bite" your new mantra!  We put a spin on the ordinary cupcake and created the Ch'up Cake!  A Ch'up Cake is a cupcake, with the exception of the fact that we took away the plain ol' cake and replaced it with s... Continued
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Posted Monday, Dec 13

Lights for the Holidays

It’s nighttime, and your street is awash in blues, greens, reds, and purples. Glowing Santa is in his sleigh, Rudolph’s red nose shines brightly, houses are trimmed with lights—it’s Christmastime. Neighbors engage in friendly competition with neighbors for the best display. Families stroll down the lane with children in tow as the kids look excitedly from house to house.
This year, have the elegant displays outsid... Continued
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Posted Monday, Oct 4

National Popcorn Popping Month

The days are getting shorter, and the nights are getting colder. The crops planted in the summer are ready to be gathered. It’s harvest time, and the most grown and harvested crop in the United States is corn.
September and October are historically the ideal times to harvest corn. Farmers would work late into the night under the light of the Harvest Moon. That’s why October is also known as National Popcorn Popping Month.Continued
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Posted Monday, Sep 20

Chocolate For Your Event

Whether a business is an established one or a start-up, the most important quality of any business is positive brand recognition. What better way to generate positive responses at any corporate event than with chocolate customized with your corporate logo? Chocolate has been an important product for millennia. Ancient Mayans used it in their ceremonies. In the Old World, it was the preferred import for royalty. Chocolate’s pedigree spe... Continued
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